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Francois Larfeuil
20-22 Rue de La Gare


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Description for Gite

Comfort, brightness, and trendiness.

Minimum weekly rental: €850/4 to 6 people - €1000/6 to 8 people.
Quiet townhouse with beautiful double bedrooms, spacious living area, courtyard with glass sliding doors, washing machine, dishwasher, TV...

Only 10 minutes from the Vieux Port of La Rochelle.
Lots of natural light and spacious rooms. Newly furnished. Access to garden. Very pleasant.

Ground floor:
- Large living area, entrance, toilet, storage space (washing machine, etc.)
- Open-plan kitchen (dishwasher, induction hob), bar, lounge (comfortable sofa bed for 2 people), TV...
- For the option of 6 to 8 people: 1 double bedroom with bathroom and separate toilet, independent entrance.

First floor:
- 2 beautiful double bedrooms (one with a 160cm bed, the other with 2 single beds)
- Bathroom and toilet.

Plenty of storage space.
Glass sliding doors opening onto the courtyard. Terrace area.


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3 65 85 410 490
Apartment 1 130 240 850 1000 11
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