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Laurence Et Michel Louyot
11 Rue Maris Delaume


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Michel and Laurence warmly invite you to experience a truly exceptional stay in their home, which boasts a captivating style known as "Folie 18th century," seamlessly blended with the comforts of the 21st century. Nestled within a magnificent 2-hectare park adorned with over 200 diverse and majestic trees, this property offers a serene retreat. The generously-sized rooms, renovated in 2009, range from 32 to 39 square meters, providing ample space for relaxation. Each room features a private bathroom and separate toilet facilities for your convenience. The individual decor of each room embraces a harmonious fusion of modern and stylish furniture, ensuring a comfortable and soothing ambiance. One room is equipped with two single beds (90 * 200), while others offer larger beds (160 * 200) for a restful night's sleep. The reception rooms exude an air of elegance, adorned with exquisite stucco work, oak floors, and intricate Hungarian design. Located in the heart of Souvigny village, merely 200 meters from the town center, this enchanting house offers a haven of tranquility amidst its idyllic surroundings.


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Our location is in the heart of Souvigny village, which is 12 km away from both Moulins and Bourbon l'Archambault.



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Swimming Pool


  • Souvigny Priory (0.2 km): Located within walking distance, Souvigny Priory is a medieval Benedictine abbey known for its stunning architecture and beautiful gardens.
  • Church of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul (0.3 km): This Romanesque church dates back to the 11th century and features intricate sculptures and a remarkable crypt.
  • Souvigny Castle (0.4 km): Although now in ruins, Souvigny Castle offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and provides a glimpse into the region's history.
  • Bourbon-l'Archambault Castle (8.2 km): Situated in the nearby town of Bourbon-l'Archambault, this medieval castle was once a residence of the Bourbon dynasty and now serves as a cultural center.
  • Château de La Palice (14.5 km): Located in Lapalisse, this Renaissance castle is renowned for its well-preserved architecture, beautiful gardens, and a museum showcasing medieval weapons and armors.
  • National Center of Costume and Scenography (20.3 km): Situated in Moulins, this museum displays an extensive collection of costumes, accessories, and stage designs from various periods, making it a must-visit for fashion and theater enthusiasts.
  • Moulins Cathedral (20.6 km): A striking Gothic cathedral in Moulins, this religious monument features stunning stained glass windows and houses the tomb of Anne of France.
  • Le Pal - Animal and Amusement Park (37.2 km): Located in Dompierre-sur-Besbre, Le Pal offers a combination of wildlife encounters and amusement park rides, making it a perfect family-friendly attraction.
  • Vichy (46.8 km): Known for its thermal baths, Vichy offers a variety of wellness activities, beautiful parks, and a charming old town with grand architecture. 10. Charroux (48.5 km): This picturesque medieval village is classified as one of the "Most Beautiful Villages of France" and features ancient stone houses, a Benedictine abbey, and artisanal shops. Please note that distances mentioned are approximate and may vary based on the route taken.