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Felix Winter
4, Le Pot d Etain
Fortmoville / Beuzeville


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Description for Gite

This charming gite features two cozy bedrooms, a well-appointed bathroom, and a separate WC for added convenience. Situated with a south-facing orientation, the gite offers abundant natural light. The property boasts a spacious garden spanning an impressive 9600 m2, perfect for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors. Inside, you will find a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining room, and a comfortable living room. Additionally, a balcony provides a delightful spot to savor the surrounding views. Private parking is also available for your convenience.


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The destination is located 6 km away from Beuzeville, 15 km away from Honfleur, 15 km away from the sea, 7 km away from the lake, and 6 km away from the shops.



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  • Honfleur: Located just 12 kilometers away from Le Pot d'Etain, Honfleur is a charming port town known for its picturesque harbor, colorful buildings, and historic narrow streets. Explore the Vieux Bassin, visit the Sainte-Catherine Church, and enjoy the art galleries and seafood restaurants.
  • Deauville: Situated approximately 30 kilometers from Le Pot d'Etain, Deauville is a glamorous seaside resort town famous for its sandy beaches, elegant architecture, and prestigious horse racing events. Enjoy the luxurious boutiques, visit the Deauville Casino, and stroll along the famous boardwalk, Les Planches.
  • Trouville-sur-Mer: Adjacent to Deauville, Trouville-sur-Mer is another lovely coastal town that offers a more laid-back atmosphere. It features a long sandy beach, a charming fishing port, and a vibrant fish market. Don't miss the beautiful Villa Montebello and the Trouville Museum.
  • Étretat: Located around 80 kilometers away, Étretat is renowned for its stunning white chalk cliffs and natural arches. Take a walk along the cliff tops to admire the breathtaking views of the English Channel and visit the famous rock formations such as the Porte d'Aval and the Aiguille d'Étretat.
  • Rouen: Situated about 70 kilometers from Le Pot d'Etain, Rouen is a historic city with a rich heritage. Explore the impressive Rouen Cathedral, visit the Gros-Horloge (a medieval astronomical clock), and wander through the charming narrow streets of the Old Town. Don't miss the opportunity to see the iconic painting, "Impression, Sunrise," at the Musée des Beaux-Arts.
  • Giverny: Located approximately 90 kilometers away, Giverny is a picturesque village famous for being the home and inspiration of the renowned impressionist painter Claude Monet. Visit Monet's house and gardens, where you can see the iconic water lilies and Japanese bridge that inspired many of his masterpieces.
  • Le Havre: Situated around 70 kilometers from Le Pot d'Etain, Le Havre is a modern coastal city with a UNESCO-listed city center. Admire the contemporary architecture designed by Auguste Perret, visit the André Malraux Modern Art Museum, and take a stroll along the beach promenade.
  • Caen: Located approximately 100 kilometers away, Caen is a historic city with a significant role in World War II. Explore the impressive Caen Castle, visit the Abbaye aux Hommes and Abbaye aux Dames, and learn about the history of the D-Day landings at the Memorial Museum. These attractions offer a diverse range of experiences, from coastal beauty and cultural heritage to art and history, ensuring a memorable visit to the region near Le Pot d'Etain.