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02 Rue De Chastenay



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Located in Châtillon-sur-Seine in Côte d'Or, a charming little town between Troyes, Auxerre, and Dijon ,"The Chastenay is a beautiful house dating from 1789 where a warm and refined atmosphere worthy of the old family homes. The charm is as soon as one enters the scene, let yourself be seduced by the authenticity of the remains and the quiet atmosphere of its elegant rooms.

Enthusiasts of old stones, we relive the house which was the historical home of the Countess of Chastenay-Victorine Lanty. Woman of Letters, she was a familiar of the court and became acquainted Bonaparte in Châtillon-sur-Seine. Written his memoirs to "Chastenay" are of the highest order for the inner history of the consulate: salons, the life of the assemblies, plots on which the author is well informed, through its links with Real, Fouché, Chateaubriand Talleyrand, Rovigo and Maret. Anecdotes about the movement of Sciences (Arago, Cuvier, Corvisart, Lacépède) and Parisian life.

We welcome you to the first days of May to late September and provide you with spacious five bedrooms upstairs. A reading room adjacent is also at your disposal if you want to watch a television or a movie with a DVD player, or play cards or a board game with friends or family.

In summer the breakfast is served in the garden on the terrace or in the small dining room on the ground floor. It is in this green and full of charm and history that you will be staying.


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The city is located in the heart of major roads and is located at:

- 234km of Paris (2:30)

- 83kms from Dijon by the RD 971 (1h15)

- 68km from Troyes by the RD 971 (1h)

- 83kms from Auxerre (1h15)

- 58km of Chaumont (Haute-Marne) by RD 965 (1h)

- 49km of Tonnerre (Yonne) (40min)

- 75km of Langres by RD 928 (1h)

- 33km from Montbard RD 980 (30min)

FREEWAYS *** ***

- 6 Output Bierre-les-Semur 58 km

Exit Auxerre 80 km south

- A Magnant Exit 5 to 35 km

Troyes exit south at 60 km

City-output sub-Laferté 39 km

TRAIN ****

You can get to Paris in 1h30 by TGV station.

Correspondence Montbard station and bus Châtillon-sur-Seine - Montbard.



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