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Coat Gueno
Coart Gueno


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The manor (XV and XVIIth centuries) offers three double rooms (accredited “Fleurs de Soleil”) with independent entrance and private bathroom. Eventually, an additional associated room can be available, for children

You may have dinner served in a typical Breton room, on a large farm table, with the other guests. You could enjoy regional sea food recipes. A living room, with a fireplace, pool and parlour games, is at guests' disposal.

A heated swimming pool is open during summer. Tennis court is available in Lézardrieux and a 18-hole golf course is located nearby.

In Lézardrieux, you may board sailing boats from the good old days for sightseeing tours among the archipelagos of the seashore or take a recently restored steam train along the Trieux river from Paimpol to Pontrieux.

In the region, you may visit the Château de la Roche-Jagu (XVth), near Pontrieux, the Cloître de Tréguier (XVth), the Abbaye de Beauport (XIII-XVIIIth), near Paimpol and many other ancient churches and manors.

The Côtes d'Armor not only offer a number of sandy beaches and rocky coasts (Pink Granit Coast, Brehat Islands)) but also many special Days including la Fête de Saint-Yves, in Tréguier, la Fête des Chants de Marins, in Paimpol, la Fête des Petits Lavoirs, in Pontrieux, and several « Fest Noz » (Breton songs and dances) in the neighbouring villages.


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