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Marie Janssens
428 Chemin De La Capitelle pointue


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Take the Nîmes Ouest exit on Highway A9.

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Welcome to our charming accommodation located in the peaceful countryside of Nimes, just a short 5 km drive away from the vibrant arenas. This delightful room offers a lovely terrace where you can relax and enjoy the serene garden view. With the added benefit of air conditioning, you can ensure a comfortable and tranquil stay.


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Getting to Nîmes Ouest from the exit of highway A9 is extremely straightforward.



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Notes: Breakfast 7,50 for one person


Swimming Pool


  • Arena of Nîmes: Located in the heart of Nîmes, the Arena is a well-preserved Roman amphitheater that dates back to the 1st century AD. It is now used for concerts and events and offers guided tours to explore its history.
  • Maison Carrée: This Roman temple is one of the best-preserved examples of classical architecture in the world. It now serves as a museum and showcases various exhibitions related to the history and culture of Nîmes.
  • Jardins de la Fontaine: These beautiful gardens, located near the Maison Carrée, are a perfect place for a leisurely stroll. They feature Roman ruins, a serene park, and a stunning water feature called the Temple of Diana.
  • Pont du Gard: A short drive from Nîmes, the Pont du Gard is an ancient Roman aqueduct bridge that spans the Gardon River. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a marvel of engineering and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.
  • Uzès: Situated about 20 kilometers north of Nîmes, Uzès is a charming medieval town known for its well-preserved architecture. Visit the Place aux Herbes, a bustling square lined with cafés and shops, and the Duchy of Uzès, the oldest ducal peerage in France.
  • Les Halles de Nîmes: This lively indoor market is a food lover's paradise. You can find a wide array of fresh produce, local delicacies, and traditional French products. Enjoy a gastronomic experience while immersing yourself in the local culture.
  • Magne Tower: Located at the top of Mont Cavalier, Magne Tower is a Roman watchtower that offers panoramic views of Nîmes and its surroundings. Climb to the top for a fantastic vantage point and a glimpse into the city's ancient history.
  • Musée de la Romanité: A modern museum dedicated to the Roman heritage of Nîmes, this attraction offers immersive exhibits showcasing artifacts, multimedia installations, and interactive displays. It provides a fascinating insight into the city's Roman past.
  • Carré d'Art-Musée d'Art Contemporain: Designed by renowned architect Norman Foster, this contemporary art museum houses a diverse collection of modern artworks. It is also located next to the Maison Carrée, offering a striking contrast between ancient and contemporary architecture. 10. Les Arènes de Nîmes Museum: Adjacent to the Arena, this museum allows visitors to explore the underground passages and chambers of the amphitheater. Discover the history of gladiator fights and Roman spectacles through informative displays and archaeological finds. These attractions offer a mix of ancient Roman history, cultural experiences, and natural beauty, making Nîmes and its surroundings a fascinating destination for tourists.

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