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La Celle-sur-Loire B&B - Bed and Breakfast - La Celle-sur-Loire Holiday Rentals

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(1 reviews)

Les Chouettes

Treigny B&B

'Les chouettes " is a charming guest-house nestled in the tranquil hamlet of Le Vignot, just 2 km from the picturesque village of Treigny and a mere 4 km from the renowned Guedelon medieval building-site.'

From €30 / night

La Pouillyzotte

Pouilly-sur-Loire B&B

Isabelle and Éric will be present at the bed and breakfast in the village of Pouilly sur Loire. La Pouillyzotte is conveniently situated in the heart of the Pouilly-Sancerre valley and the nature reserve of the Loire region, both of which are recognized as natural and environmental heritage. La Pouillyzotte offers five spacious and elegantly furnished guest rooms, including two parental suites. Each room features a private bathroom and separate, private facilities. Guests can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access. Additionally, there is a private swimming pool located in a lush park.

From €65 / night
(3 reviews)

Demeure des Tanneries

Henrichemont B&B

Nestled amidst the serene countryside within a quaint village boasting 1800 inhabitants, this delightful abode serves as an idyllic sanctuary enveloped by lush greenery and enchanting forests. Every aspect of this place exudes tranquility and invites utter relaxation.

From €70 / night
(4 reviews)

O Bocage

Saint Pierre Du Mont B&B

Located on the N151 road towards Nevers, this destination lies approximately 10 km away from Clamecy.

From €85 / night

La Maison D'hôtes De Toucy

Toucy B&B

A cozy residence nestled in the center of the village, offering a serene atmosphere. Featuring well-appointed rooms that provide utmost comfort. A beautiful garden space is also available for relaxation. Additionally, a private car park is provided for your convenience.

From €70 / night

Chambres D'hotes D'albertine

Lere B&B

This accommodation offers three spacious bedrooms, making it perfect for families and groups, with a maximum capacity of 8 people. Additionally, there is a convenient studio available for guests, all provided in a cozy bed and breakfast setting.

Studio Au Gite Du Port De Léré

Lere B&B & Gite

Located at the picturesque Judelle stream, just 15 meters away from the charming port of Léré on the side canal of the Loire, this studio offers a serene and enchanting setting. It boasts a spacious bathroom and provides all the necessary comforts for a pleasant stay. Enjoy the added convenience of complimentary TV and high-speed fiber internet access.

From €130 / week

Le Gite Du Port De Léré

Lere B&B & Gite

There are three cozy bedrooms, each offering a delightful view of the scenic Loire side canal.

From €380 / week
(7 reviews)

Chambres et Table D'Hôtes des Grivottes

Boulleret B&B

There are two comfortable rooms available, each with its own private bathroom. These rooms offer a lovely view of the orchard and the picturesque side channel of the Loire River.

From €60 / night

Vieux Relais

Cosne Sur Loire B&B

Formerly a charming holiday rental, this furnished tourism accommodation was once a relay post dating back to 1588. Located in the center of the town of Cosne, it offers a unique historical experience.

From €46 / night
(1 reviews)

Le Prieuré Saint Agnan

Cosne Cours sur Loire B&B

This historical house, which was formerly inhabited by a Benedictine, has been transformed into a spacious guesthouse since June 2007. With its charming location beneath the saint Agnan bell tower, in the heart of the picturesque historical neighborhood, this idyllic residence offers 5 comfortable guest rooms.

From €120 / night
(1 reviews)

L'Oree des Vignes Bed and Breakfast

St Pere B&B

Marie-Noëlle and Michel warmly invite you to their charming burgundy farmhouse nestled amidst the picturesque vineyards of the Coteaux du Giennois. The renowned destinations of Sancerre and Pouilly-sur-Loire are just 15km away, offering convenient proximity for exploration. Each of our five bedrooms boasts a private bathroom with a refreshing shower, exuding comfort and adorned with tastefully selected furnishings. Our farmhouse also features a cozy fireplace, a melodious piano, a delightful terrace, and a sprawling garden, providing ample opportunities for relaxation and tranquility. With a multitude of activities on offer, your stay with us promises to be an unforgettable experience.

From €75 / night

O Refuge Divin

Bannay B&B & Gite

Cécile and Cédric extend a warm welcome to an exquisite chalet and extraordinary lodging located near Sancerre, just a two-hour drive from Paris. Immerse yourself in the beauty of stunning vineyards or explore fascinating historical landmarks like the Briare canal bridge and the Guedelon castle. Regardless of the season, we are delighted to offer year-round availability and a plethora of activities that guarantee a rejuvenating and delightful experience during your stay.

From €140 / night

Le Logis de la Ronde

Beaulieu Sur Loire B&B & Gite

This rural guesthouse is a detached house located along the beautiful Loire River. It is conveniently situated only 15 minutes away from Belleville and 30 minutes from DAMPIERRE. The house is located in Beaulieu sur Loire Assay and offers a spacious 60 m2 area with 2 bedrooms, accommodating up to 3 guests.

From €52 / night
(1 reviews)

Propriété de la Derne

Alligny-Cosne B&B

This charming eighteenth-century Burgundian architecture property offers two-thirds of lovely pieces with a total area of 60 m². It consists of a storage room with a toilet, a dining area, and a cozy lounge with a fireplace. The wood mezzanine on the upper floor provides a spacious sleeping area with two beds and a washbasin. The property features a beautiful gateway suite that overlooks a park spanning 5000 m². Guests can also enjoy a terrace and private parking during their stay. Located at a distance of 183 kilometers from Paris, accessible via the A6 and A77 highways, it is conveniently situated just 10 kilometers away from the Cosne-Loire highway ramp. Furthermore, Sancerre is only 30 kilometers away, Pouilly is 15 kilometers away, Vezelay is 40 kilometers away, and Guédelon is 20 kilometers away. The price for a stay at this property is 75 euros for two people, and 125 euros for four people, including breakfast. Additionally, guests have the option to dine in the evening. For those planning a longer stay, the weekly rate is set at 370 euros.

From €95 / night
(4 reviews)

Au Charmes du Moulin du Crotet

Sens beaujeu B&B & Gite

Superb 4-star Gîtes with the prestigious MILL-4 certification by Gîtes ears of France.

Chambre D'hôtes Sancerre

Sancerre B&B

We offer a cozy bed and breakfast accommodation that can comfortably accommodate up to 4 guests. The room comes with a convenient small kitchenette for your use. You will have access to a bathroom equipped with both a bath and a shower, as well as a separate WC. Start your day off right with a delicious breakfast, served either on a beautiful stylized table or in a charming small courtyard, offering a taste of Sancerre. Our location is conveniently close to the city center, just 30 meters away from the church.

From €3240 / week


Chambeau St.Andelain B&B

The guest room in Chambeau has a capacity of accommodating up to 4 people and is located just 5 km away from Pouilly-sur-Loire.

From €50 / night
(1 reviews)

Le Relais de Mantelot

Chatillon sur Loire B&B

Mantelot, the renowned "Ancient Memorials" classified site, offers a one-of-a-kind experience for leisurely walks. The Relais of Mantelot takes great pleasure in extending a warm welcome to you. We provide 4 comfortable guest rooms, each accommodating up to 6 people. Every room is equipped with a modern shower room, ensuring optimal comfort during your stay. Our establishment also offers a simple and inviting dining experience, serving delicious meals. Explore the various tourist attractions in the area, including presentations and tastings of regional products. We are happy to provide you with inspiration and guidance for your walks. Lastly, we have a dedicated paddock available for your beloved equine companion. Visit Mantelot, where history and relaxation come together for an unforgettable experience.

From €76 / night
(3 reviews)

Jardns de Belle Rive

Donzy B&B

As you reach the conclusion of a picturesque path adorned with graceful willow trees, you will discover les Jardins de Belle Rive. The ambiance within emanates an inviting sense of coziness and contentment. Whether you prefer to indulge in reading, enchanting melodies from the piano, or a refreshing swim, the choice is entirely yours.

From €65 / night
(2 reviews)


Le Noyer B&B

Located just 2 hours away from Paris, Sancerre is a unique destination that offers a perfect blend of tranquility and modern amenities. This beautifully renovated Berrychone farmhouse provides a serene atmosphere, along with a luxurious spa that offers relaxation through indulgent massages. The property also boasts a charming garden and convenient parking facilities. Additionally, guests can explore nearby wineries and indulge in the delightful experience of tasting Chavignol droppings.

From €85 / night


Pouilly Sur Loire B&B & Gite

Located in the heart of the vineyard, this charming 19th-century wine house offers a delightful accommodation experience. The house features two bedrooms, including a spacious family suite that can comfortably accommodate up to four people. Each room is equipped with modern amenities such as TV and wifi access, ensuring a comfortable stay. Additionally, guests have access to a fully equipped kitchen, perfect for preparing meals. Situated just 1 km away from the Loire river and the village, this location offers a peaceful and serene environment. Furthermore, it is conveniently located only 15 miles from the renowned wine region of Sancerre.

From €55 / night

La Sauldre

Vailly Sur Sauldre B&B

Twan Jeunhomme and his team at Sauldre restaurant are delighted to invite you to experience the beauty of Sancerre country in Vailly sur Sauldre. Whether it's a family gathering or a corporate event, we warmly welcome you to join us from Wednesday noon till Sunday evening.

From €65 / night

La Maison des Passerelles

Vinon B&B

Situated just two hours away from the bustling city of Paris, this charming farmhouse from the 17th century has been meticulously restored and transformed into a cozy bed and breakfast. Located in the heart of the picturesque village of Vinon, near the center and surrounded by the beauty of Sancerre, guests can indulge in the tranquility and allure of the countryside. The three guest rooms are tastefully decorated and furnished, ensuring a comfortable stay with amenities such as HDTV, air conditioning, and private bathrooms. As an extra treat, the friendly owners will guide you through an exquisite wine tasting experience, allowing you to savor the renowned wines of Sancerre.

From €80 / night

Chambres d'hotes Raviere et Gite

Bouhy B&B & Gite

Nestled amidst the picturesque rivers and rolling hillsides of central France lies Chambres d'Hôtes Raviere, a haven of tranquility. Allow us to extend a warm welcome as you step into our expansive garden, complete with a refreshing swimming pool and rejuvenating jacuzzi. Alternatively, find respite in the cozy embrace of our inviting living room, where a crackling fireplace awaits.

From €65 / night
(1 reviews)

Le Moulin du Grand Senais

Crézancy En Sancerre B&B

Situated at the heart of the renowned Sancerre vineyards, the magnificent Senais Mill is nestled amidst picturesque green surroundings, just 200 km south of Paris. Offering a delightful blend of authenticity and hospitality, this charming establishment invites guests for weekend getaways in cozy rooms and delightful dining experiences at their tables d'hôtes. Discover the essence of tranquility and immerse yourself in the world-famous vineyards while staying at the Great Senais Mill.

Maison De Charme à Briare

Braire B&B & Gite

This charming property boasts a delightful garden and exudes a timeless, vintage appeal.

Moulin de Nancray

Jars B&B

The Moulin de Nancray is a historic water mill, with a rich heritage spanning over 300 years. Nestled within a picturesque landscape of 3.5 hectares, this enchanting property is embraced by serene farmlands and pristine forests. Located in the idyllic Cher region of France, renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty, this is a truly remarkable destination.

From €50 / night

Blanche de Castille

Bléneau B&B

Less than two hours away from the bustling city of Paris, Bléneau awaits you with open arms. Gaspard's family is delighted to provide you with a warm and inviting atmosphere, where you can indulge in the delights of a traditional cuisine infused with the aromatic flavors of the south. Situated in the heart of the enchanting Puisaye region, within the captivating province of Colette in Burgundy, our establishment promises an unforgettable experience.

From €45 / night
(1 reviews)

La Maison d'Hocquincourt

Bléneau B&B

Experience the charm of our unique house with three guest rooms

From €84 / night
(2 reviews)

La Ferme des Prés

Neuilly en Sancerre B&B

Experience the perfect countryside getaway at our charming horse farm, where you'll find comfortable rooms, delicious dinner options, and a cozy country cottage. Located right alongside the scenic hiking trail GR31, our property also features a refreshing swimming pool for you to relax and unwind. Just a short 15 km distance from the beautiful town of Sancerre, our farm offers an idyllic retreat surrounded by nature.

From €55 / night

Les Gites de la Thiau

Briare B&B & Gite

We offer four charming self-catering cottages available for weekly rental from either Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. Please note that rentals are not available for weekends only. The cottages can accommodate 2, 4, or 6 people, and the prices vary depending on the season, starting from 210 per week, which includes water. Please bring your own sheets and linens. Each cottage is equipped with modern amenities, including a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, TV, and WiFi. Additionally, there is convenient parking available. Enjoy the comfort of an independent garden furnished with a table and chairs, perfect for outdoor dining. Moreover, guests will have private access to the beautiful Loire River, offering a serene environment for relaxation and scenic walks.

From €240 / week

Gite de la Loire à La Thiau

Briare B&B & Gite

Located in the picturesque region between Orleans and Sancerre, and bordering the Burgundy region, our charming establishment sits at the eastern edge of the renowned Valley of the Kings. A mere 150 km south of the vibrant city of Paris (equivalent to a convenient one-hour drive from Fontainebleau), our idyllic setting rests on the tranquil banks of the majestic river Loire. Nestled between the towns of Gien, famous for its exquisite bone china factory, and Briare, home to the magnificent canal bridge, you will find four delightful gites, each offering self-catering accommodations, eagerly awaiting your arrival.

From €123 / night

Gite du Mont Gres

Colmery B&B & Gite

The gite, awarded with 3 épis, is situated in a charmingly revitalized village at the heart of the Monts du Nivernais. Here, you can fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking undulating landscapes and lush forest. Whether you enjoy hiking, trekking, or horseback riding, there are abundant trails available for your leisure. This idyllic setting is perfect for unwinding with your loved ones or spending quality time with friends.

From €290 / week

Chambres D'hôtes L'echappée Belle

Saint Brisson sur Loire B&B

Located in the picturesque Loire Valley, LEchappée Belle provides a serene and idyllic environment, perfectly situated between Gien and Briare. Here, you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature while still being conveniently close to numerous tourist attractions and exciting activities in the surrounding area.

From €74 / night

La Cuvellerie

Narcy B&B

Experience ultimate tranquility in these expansive and inviting family suites. Each suite boasts a serene ambiance and consists of a luxurious bedroom featuring a king-sized double bed, a separate bedroom furnished with two single beds, and a well-appointed bathroom. Additionally, these suites also include convenient toilet facilities.

From €295 / night

La Bergerie

Blancafort B&B

La Bergerie, located near the wilderness of Aubigny sur Nere, warmly invites you to experience tranquility and relaxation in its four charming and independent rooms. Immerse yourself in the idyllic atmosphere of a cottage holiday, where peace and serenity are guaranteed.

From €70 / night

La Roulotte de Menou

Menou B&B

Experience a unique holiday getaway in a thoughtfully decorated and fully equipped caravan. Nestled in a serene orchard spanning 1000m², this secluded trailer offers picturesque views of a charming pond and a convenient laundry facility. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of this idyllic setting, where you can delight in the melodious chorus of frogs, indulge in fishing activities, and relish in the pleasure of gathering succulent fruits. Discover the joy of embracing life's simple pleasures during your stay in Menou, an authentic village nestled amidst the enchanting Nevers forest. Let yourself be enchanted by the allure of a weekend escape, basking in the art of living harmoniously within a protected natural environment. Revel in the breathtaking beauty of our lands, while indulging in the originality, comfort, and refined elegance that awaits you.

From €365 / week

Gite de Perroy

Donzy B&B & Gite

Located in a tranquil village nestled amidst lush forests and meandering rivers in Burgundy, this charming cottage offers a delightful culinary experience. Indulge in the delectable flavors of foie gras and goat cheese, sourced locally from the nearby towns of Nevers and Donzy. Furthermore, the cottage is conveniently situated near the renowned vineyards of Sancerre, Pouilly/Loire, and the picturesque hills of Giennois. With its exceptional amenities and services, this cottage has been awarded a prestigious 3-star rating.

From €400 / week
(1 reviews)

La Licorderie Stuart Lodge

Oizon B&B

Located in a serene and enchanting environment, THE LICORDERIE Rooms within a guest house (accredited with the FLOWERS OF SUN label iso 9001) offer guests two spacious rooms, each spanning 30m². These rooms, known as the "Sologne" and "Berry" rooms, boast their own separate entrance hall and are thoughtfully designed within a charmingly restored 1900s barn.

From €75 / night

Le Moulin de Corneil

Mézilles B&B

Situated in the central area of Puisaye, within the enchanting village of Mézilles and near Guédelon, the Moulin de Corneil bed and breakfast promises a tranquil and rejuvenating experience. This historic residence, constructed in the late 18th century, has undergone a tasteful renovation, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. Unveiling numerous alluring features, including a secluded and picturesque setting amidst nature, a delightful waterfront terrace, and a warm and welcoming ambiance, this charming establishment invites guests to unwind and escape from their daily routines.

From €100 / night
(14 reviews)

les chambres de Grangette

Thury B&B

Located on the outskirts of Puisaye, just a short 15-minute drive from the renowned Guedelon site and 20 km away from St Fargeau, lies our charming bed and breakfast accommodation. Situated on a picturesque farm where a variety of goats are bred, our four cozy rooms are housed within a detached guesthouse adjacent to the owner's residence. Indulge in a delectable gourmet breakfast prepared by the owner, relishing the warmth of an open fire. For added convenience, guests have access to a kettle and a small kitchenette during their stay.

From €60 / night
(1 reviews)

La Jument Pie

Saints en Puisaye B&B

Located in a quaint village of Puisaye, this charming farmhouse from the previous century offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Burgundy.

From €55 / night

Les Bords de Loire : Les Citations et Côté cour

La Charité Sur Loire B&B & Gite

Our charming gite, Les Citations, is conveniently situated in the central area of La Charité sur Loire, with easy access to the beautiful Loire river. Housed in a historic building, this fully furnished accommodation offers a unique and cozy atmosphere. Additionally, guests will have the added convenience of parking facilities.

From €340 / week

Gite du Canal de Briare

Dammarie Sur Loing B&B & Gite

Escape to the serene countryside of Dammarie sur Loing, just a two-hour journey from the bustling city of Paris in the picturesque region of Loiret. Nestled between the charming towns of Montargis and Briare, our cottage provides an idyllic retreat for a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Loiret, located just a stone's throw away from the enchanting Canal de Briare. With the capacity to accommodate anywhere from 2 to 12 people, we offer two cozy cottages for your comfort and relaxation.

From €860 / week


Lain B&B

Welcome to Burgundy Art'monie, where Arlette and Jacques invite you to experience the charm of their historic farmhouse in the heart of Burgundy. With five guest rooms accommodating 2 to 4 people each (for a total capacity of 14 guests), our establishment is proudly ranked three ears by Gites de France. Nestled in the peaceful village of Lain, surrounded by lush greenery, you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our location is conveniently close to several attractions, including Druyes les Belles Fontaines (10 km), St-Sauveur (12 km), Toucy (17 km), Guédelon (18 km), St-Fargeau (22 km), St-Amand (28 km), Clamecy (28 km), Auxerre (30 km), Vézelay (44 km), and Chablis (49 km). Join us at Burgundy Art'monie for a memorable and enriching experience.

From €60 / night
(2 reviews)


Henrichemont B&B

The house is a testament to the typical Berry style of the eighteenth century. We have carefully renovated it to ensure that our guests have a comfortable stay, while still preserving the authenticity of this historical place. At our guest table, you can indulge in a delightful meal served in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our dishes are a treat for anyone with a curious palate, and they are accompanied by excellent wines from the renowned regions of Sancerre or Menetou-Salon. We are proud to be recommended in the 2016 GUIDE ROUTARD, which recognizes our commitment to providing exceptional experiences for our guests.

From €60 / night

Le Lac aux Fees

Henrichemont B&B

Located by the enchanting lake of fairies, this delightful farmhouse has been lovingly restored to its former glory. The farmhouse offers four guest rooms, each with its own independent access in a separate extension adjoining the main house. Every room is equipped with private facilities, ensuring a comfortable and personalized stay. Additionally, there is a well-equipped kitchen and a cozy lounge area exclusively available for the guests to enjoy.

From €60 / night

Gîte Les Naudins

Rians B&B & Gite

"Kindly remove this webpage as the house in question has been successfully sold."

Maison Saint Jean

Aubigny Sur Nere B&B

Throughout the entire year, we extend a warm invitation to you at our charming establishment, which was once a timber-framed inn constructed in the early 16th century. This exquisite property holds significance as it is classified by the esteemed French Historical Buildings Service. Located conveniently in the heart of the town center, you will find various shops and restaurants in close proximity. Maison Saint-Jean offers two spacious bedrooms, each equipped with a private bathroom. Additionally, guests can relish in the pleasure of a delightful breakfast on our terrace. Furthermore, we provide complimentary access to the Internet, ensuring that you stay connected during your stay.

From €95 / night
(2 reviews)

Domaine du Bouloy

Druyes Les Belles Fontaines B&B & Gite

Discover the enchanting region of Burgundy, where a remarkable 18th century farmhouse awaits you. Nestled within a vast expanse of 109 hectares, this idyllic retreat offers a truly privileged setting. Adorned with captivating views of the park and surrounding nature, each of the five guest rooms in the main house provides a serene sanctuary. Immerse yourself in tranquility as you bask in the peaceful ambiance, revel in the abundant space, and admire panoramic vistas of the sprawling fields that overlook the medieval village of Druyes and its majestic castle. Delight in the comfort of private bathrooms available for each room, ensuring utmost convenience and relaxation throughout your stay.

From €437 / night
(1 reviews)


Aubigny-sur-Nère B&B & Gite

Claude Courboin, a bed and breakfast located in Aubigny-sur-Nere in Cher (18), warmly invites his friends to enjoy the delightful experience of his accessible table and guest rooms, specifically designed to cater to individuals with disabilities.

From €50 / night

Villa Stuart

Aubigny Sur Nere B&B

Welcome to Villa Stuart, where you'll find delightful cottages that are both spacious and comfortable. Our charming accommodations provide the perfect setting for a relaxing stay. Additionally, we offer refined dining experiences and host tables for seminars and cooking workshops.

From €92 / night

Chambre D'hotes Champlemy

Champlemy B&B

Marienoelle extends a warm invitation to experience the enchanting allure of her ancestral family home, a splendid 18th-century house nestled within the picturesque village of Champlemy.

Les Fourneaux

Dracy B&B & Gite

The House is a contemporary villa with two bedrooms, designed in the traditional style of the region. It is situated in a serene and peaceful environment, surrounded by expansive gardens and a terrace offering breathtaking views of the countryside. Despite its tranquil setting, the property is conveniently located just 4 kilometers away from all necessary amenities in Toucy.

From €70 / night
(2 reviews)

Chambre de Charme La Grange Des Cardeux

Aubigny Sur Nere B&B

La Grange Bed and Breakfast is a delightful accommodation with a "4-star Gites de France" rating, conveniently located near the Stuart Castle in Aubigny sur Nere, a unique Franco-Scottish town. This charming establishment consists of three cottages that have been beautifully renovated within a 19th-century barn.

From €70 / night