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Isabelle Pope
3 rue de l'école



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Welcome to the enchanting la Tour de Brazalem! Situated in the heart of Albret country, the birthplace of King Henri IV, our charming accommodation is tucked away in the picturesque medieval town of Nérac. Just a short distance from the River Baïse, the old port, the Olde Bridge, the castle, and the royal park of the Garenne, our property, which dates back to the 13th century, offers four comfortable bed and breakfast rooms, a fully furnished studio with a well-equipped kitchenette, and a breathtaking room at the top of the tower boasting panoramic views of the old town. With a beautiful garden, a sun-drenched terrace, a summer kitchen, and a picnic area, tranquility and charm abound. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this small city as you explore the nearby castle Henri IV, the royal park, and the old bridge. And to ensure your absolute comfort, we provide Wi-Fi in the bed and breakfast rooms. Come and experience the quiet, rest, charm, and warm hospitality of la Tour de Brazalem.


Appréciations pour La Tour de Brazalem, Nérac:

au coeur de l'histoire
Review by: LABORDE, Nov 19 2018 8:02AM
Lieu pittoresque, chambre d'hôte très agréable, calme et chaleureuse. Accueil sympathique et discret de la propriétaire. Excellente literie et délicieux petit déjeuner.

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Take the motorway heading towards Agen, then continue on the national highway leading to Nerac. For additional information, please visit our website and navigate to the location page.



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  • Château de Nérac: Located in the heart of Nérac, this 16th-century castle offers a glimpse into the history of the region. Explore its beautiful gardens, elegant architecture, and discover its connection to King Henry IV.
  • Parc de la Garenne: A peaceful park situated along the Baïse River, Parc de la Garenne is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picnic. Enjoy the greenery, sculptures, and the charming view of the river.
  • Musée du Château Henri IV: Housed within the Château de Nérac, this museum showcases a collection of artifacts and exhibits related to the life and reign of King Henry IV. Learn about his impact on the region and the history of Nérac.
  • Port de Nérac: Located on the Baïse River, this picturesque port offers boat trips and cruises along the river. Enjoy a relaxing boat ride while taking in the scenic views and learning about the local history.
  • Eglise Saint-Nicolas: This beautiful church, dating back to the 13th century, is known for its Gothic architecture and stunning stained glass windows. Take a moment to admire the intricate details and experience the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Moulin des Tours: A historic mill located on the outskirts of Nérac, Moulin des Tours offers guided tours and showcases the traditional milling process. Discover the machinery and learn about the importance of mills in the region's history.
  • Réserve Naturelle de l'Étang de la Mazière: A nature reserve located a short distance from Nérac, this area is perfect for nature lovers. Explore the walking trails, observe the diverse bird species, and enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding wetlands.
  • Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Barbaste: Situated in the nearby village of Barbaste, this Romanesque church is worth a visit. Admire its unique architecture, ancient frescoes, and the beautiful view from its terrace.
  • Musée du Liège et du Bouchon: Located in Mézin, a short drive from Nérac, this museum showcases the history and craftsmanship of cork and cork products. Learn about the local industry and see various cork-related artifacts. 10. Château de Mézin: Explore this charming medieval castle located in the town of Mézin. Wander through its historic rooms, admire the impressive architecture, and enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding countryside from its towers.