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Jean Luc Pouyet
28 rue des Picaudelles


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Situated in a tranquil village of Bourbonnais, with picturesque views of the breathtaking Gorges de la Bouble and serving as a starting point for numerous invigorating hikes, our guest rooms offer an ideal retreat in the heart of France. Conveniently located just a few kilometers away from the intersection of Highways A 71/A72/A75/A89, our accommodation serves as a perfect stopover for travelers exploring the region.


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CHANTELLE is situated approximately 30 kilometers away from Vichy and lies to the north of Clermont Ferrand, at a distance of 60 kilometers. It is conveniently located near the charming village of Charroux, which has been recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in France.



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Swimming Pool


  • Abbey of Chantelle: Located in the town of Chantelle, the Abbey of Chantelle is a beautiful medieval abbey known for its stunning architecture and serene surroundings. Visitors can explore the abbey's historic buildings, admire the intricate detailing, and learn about its rich religious and cultural history.
  • Château de Billy: Situated in the nearby village of Billy, Château de Billy is an impressive medieval fortress. The castle offers guided tours where visitors can discover its ancient towers, defensive walls, and well-preserved interiors. The panoramic views from the castle are also worth experiencing.
  • Palais Ducal de Bourbon-L'Archambault: Located in Bourbon-l'Archambault, approximately 9 kilometers away, the Palais Ducal is a former medieval fortress turned royal residence. Visitors can explore the castle's courtyards, gardens, and rooms while learning about its fascinating history and connection to the Bourbon dynasty.
  • Église Saint-Genès: Situated in Chantelle, Église Saint-Genès is a charming Romanesque church dating back to the 11th century. The church features beautiful stained glass windows, intricate sculptures, and a peaceful atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for quiet contemplation and admiration of its architectural beauty.
  • Château de Busset: Located in the village of Busset, approximately 17 kilometers away, Château de Busset is a picturesque castle surrounded by lush gardens and parklands. Visitors can wander through the castle's well-preserved rooms, stroll in the gardens, and enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Château de Lapalisse: Situated in Lapalisse, around 18 kilometers away, Château de Lapalisse is a magnificent Renaissance castle known for its architectural splendor and rich history. The castle offers guided tours where visitors can explore its grand halls, picturesque gardens, and learn about the famous historical events that took place within its walls.
  • Vichy: Located approximately 25 kilometers away, the spa town of Vichy is famous for its thermal baths, Belle Époque architecture, and beautiful parks. Visitors can relax in the luxurious spas, stroll along the charming streets, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this renowned wellness destination.
  • Paléopolis: Situated in Gannat, around 30 kilometers away, Paléopolis is a unique paleontological theme park. It offers a fascinating journey through the world of dinosaurs, with life-size replicas, interactive exhibits, and educational activities suitable for all ages. These attractions provide a diverse range of historical, cultural, and natural experiences near 28 rue des Picaudelles, Chantelle, France.

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