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Agaesse Patrick
26 Hameaux de La Rivière
Sainte Hélène



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price from €50






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"Bed size of 160 cm."


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The location is close to Lorient, and detailed access instructions can be found on the website.



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  • Château de Josselin: Located in Josselin, approximately 8 km from Sainte Hélène, Château de Josselin is a stunning medieval castle. It is known for its picturesque setting by the Nantes-Brest canal and its impressive architecture, making it a popular tourist attraction.
  • Brocéliande Forest: Located around 20 km from Sainte Hélène, Brocéliande Forest is a mythical and enchanting destination. According to legends, this forest is believed to be the home of King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake. Visitors can explore the scenic trails, visit the Fountain of Barenton, and discover the Arthurian tales associated with the area.
  • Vannes Old Town: Situated approximately 30 km from Sainte Hélène, Vannes Old Town is a well-preserved medieval town with charming cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses. Visitors can explore the historic city walls, visit the beautiful Vannes Cathedral, and enjoy the bustling port area with its vibrant cafes and shops.
  • Rochefort-en-Terre: Located around 40 km from Sainte Hélène, Rochefort-en-Terre is a picturesque village known for its medieval architecture and flower-filled streets. Visitors can wander through the quaint village, explore the stunning Rochefort-en-Terre Castle, and enjoy the art galleries and artisan shops.
  • Golfe du Morbihan: Situated approximately 50 km from Sainte Hélène, Golfe du Morbihan is a stunning bay known for its natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Visitors can take boat trips to explore the numerous islands and islets, enjoy water activities such as sailing or kayaking, and admire the breathtaking landscapes.
  • Carnac Stones: Located around 60 km from Sainte Hélène, the Carnac Stones are a collection of ancient megalithic sites. The site consists of thousands of prehistoric standing stones, dolmens, and burial mounds. Visitors can learn about the mysteries and significance of these ancient monuments while enjoying the scenic surroundings.
  • La Gacilly: Situated approximately 70 km from Sainte Hélène, La Gacilly is a charming village known for its connection to photography. It hosts an annual photography festival and features numerous galleries and exhibitions. Visitors can also explore the beautiful floral gardens, enjoy the local cuisine, and visit the Yves Rocher Botanical Garden. These attractions offer a variety of experiences, from historical sites to natural wonders, ensuring there is something for everyone near Sainte Hélène, France.

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