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Catherine Gilbert
Lieu Dit La Grille



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Experience an unforgettable stay in the Prince's chamber and its meticulously reconstructed bathroom, located within a historical castle that was once owned by Prince Poniatowski from 1604 until 1920. This magnificent site boasts a 17th-century castle along with a collection of 16th and 17th-century buildings, situated on a grand terrace surrounded by water-filled moats and ancient trees. Positioned along the former route of royal coronations, which French Kings took to reach Reims, the site offers breathtaking views of the picturesque countryside. Rates for the room include two breakfasts, starting at €118 and reduced to €95 from the second night onwards.


Appréciations pour Château de Limé, Limé:

Review by: Tévi, Mar 4 2015 12:02PM
Le château se goûte au grès du temps qui l'envoûte.... Il a la particule de la différence et de l'harmonie.
Un site rare pour les sensibles à l'harmonie bucolique
Review by: Myenne, Fev 28 2015 1:44AM
Limé est une belle demeure à taille humaine. Elle plaira à tous les amoureux d'harmonie ... Ses propriétaires restaurent le domaine avec passion et patience Vous aurez le plaisir d'être replongés dans une pastorale du XVIII ème avec son besoin à la fois d'intimité et de panoramas lumineux Je vous y souhaite des moments simples( et rares désormais) d 'y observer les changements de saisons si porteurs d'énergie et de paix intérieure.

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The airport is located approximately 96 kilometers away from here, specifically Charles de Gaulle Airport.

There is a park situated 5 kilometers away from here, called Mount Notre-Dame. Alternatively, you can visit Soissons, which is around 20 kilometers away.

If you're looking for access to the highway, it is about 30 kilometers away from here. You can take either the A4 or A26.



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2 75 105 10
(3 pers.)
2 80 95 32 10
Apartment 1 120 30
Holiday Home 1 500 1150


Disabled Access


  • Château de Coucy: Situated approximately 10 kilometers from Limé, Château de Coucy is a medieval fortress known for its impressive ruins. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and provides insights into the rich history of the region.
  • Soissons Cathedral: Located in the nearby town of Soissons, Soissons Cathedral is a magnificent Gothic-style cathedral. Visitors can admire its intricate architecture, beautiful stained glass windows, and peaceful atmosphere. The cathedral also houses various religious artifacts and historical relics.
  • Chemin des Dames: A historic site associated with World War I, Chemin des Dames is a ridge that bears witness to intense battles. It offers walking trails and viewpoints that allow visitors to explore the remnants of trenches, bunkers, and war memorials while reflecting on the region's poignant past.
  • Abbaye de Saint-Jean-des-Vignes: Found in the town of Soissons, Abbaye de Saint-Jean-des-Vignes is a former Cistercian abbey. Although now in ruins, it still showcases remarkable Gothic architecture and offers insights into monastic life during the Middle Ages.
  • Musée de Soissons: Situated in a former abbey, the Musée de Soissons features an extensive collection of historical artifacts and artworks. Visitors can explore exhibits that cover topics ranging from archaeology and local history to fine arts and decorative objects.
  • Laon Cathedral: Located in the nearby city of Laon, Laon Cathedral is an impressive example of Gothic architecture. Its striking facade, intricate sculptures, and stunning stained glass windows attract visitors from around the world. The cathedral also offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside from its towers.
  • Saint-Quentin: A charming town approximately 40 kilometers from Limé, Saint-Quentin boasts beautiful architecture, quaint streets, and lovely squares. Visitors can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, visit the Gothic-style Basilica of Saint-Quentin, or explore the town's museums and art galleries.
  • Musée Jeanne d'Arc: Situated in the historic city of Compiègne, the Musée Jeanne d'Arc is dedicated to the life and legacy of Joan of Arc. The museum features a comprehensive collection of artifacts, artworks, and documents related to this iconic figure of French history.
  • Compiegne Palace: Also located in Compiègne, Compiegne Palace is a former royal residence with a rich history. Visitors can explore the palace's opulent rooms, beautiful gardens, and learn about its significance in various historical events, including being the place where the Armistice of World War I was signed. 10. Parc de Champagne: Situated in the city of Reims, Parc de Champagne is a picturesque park that offers a tranquil escape. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks among lush greenery, relax by the lake, or have a picnic while admiring the beautiful landscape. The park also hosts various events and exhibitions related to the Champagne region.