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Jangui Motz
5 bis rue de l'Ancienne Comédie
Semur en Auxois



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Welcome to Chambres dhôtes de la Porte Guillier, nestled in the beautiful town center of Semur en Auxois, a true gem of High Burgundy's charm and history. Our bed and breakfast invites you to experience the rich heritage and pedestrian-friendly atmosphere of this enchanting destination.


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  • Semur-en-Auxois: This medieval town is a major attraction in the region, known for its well-preserved old town with charming cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses, and a beautiful river running through it.
  • Château de Semur-en-Auxois: This imposing castle overlooks Semur-en-Auxois and offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Visitors can explore the castle's ramparts, towers, and interior, which houses a museum dedicated to local history.
  • Abbey of Fontenay: Located just a short drive from Semur-en-Auxois, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a beautifully preserved Cistercian abbey dating back to the 12th century. It features stunning architectural elements and peaceful gardens.
  • Flavigny-sur-Ozerain: This picturesque village is famous for its medieval charm and for being the filming location of the movie "Chocolat." Visitors can wander through its narrow streets, visit the Anise candy factory, and enjoy the panoramic views from the town walls.
  • Alesia: This archaeological site is believed to be the location of Julius Caesar's victory over the Gauls in 52 BC. Visitors can explore the museum, walk through the reconstructed Roman fortifications, and learn about the historical significance of the area.
  • Burgundy Canal: The Burgundy Canal is a scenic waterway that stretches through the region, passing near Semur-en-Auxois. It offers opportunities for boating, cycling, or leisurely walks along the towpaths, with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Musée du Pays d'Alésia et de la Seine: Located in Alise-Sainte-Reine, this museum focuses on the history and archaeology of the region, particularly the Gallo-Roman period. It showcases artifacts from the ancient city of Alesia and offers insights into local traditions and culture.
  • Château de Bussy-Rabutin: Situated in a charming village, this 12th-century castle is known for its impressive art collection and beautiful gardens. Visitors can explore the castle's furnished rooms, admire the artwork, and stroll through the well-maintained grounds.
  • Vézelay Abbey: A short drive away from Semur-en-Auxois, Vézelay Abbey is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture and an important pilgrimage site. The abbey houses beautiful sculptures and frescoes, and its hilltop location offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. 10. MuseoParc Alesia: This interactive museum and archaeological park near Alise-Sainte-Reine provides an immersive experience about the Battle of Alesia. Visitors can explore the exhibits, watch audiovisual presentations, and even witness a reenactment of the battle. These attractions offer a diverse range of historical, cultural, and natural experiences near Semur-en-Auxois, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of the region.