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Marc Fauroux
Chemin Lapujade


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"The available room for rent features a charming boat cabin style and is conveniently located next to the bathroom. It offers a cozy atmosphere with a small sliding door that leads to a private garden. The room is equipped with double glazing for noise reduction and provides three types of lighting options. It includes amenities such as a night table, two 220V outlets, an office desk with a chair, door hangers, and coat racks. Please note that access to the room requires climbing three steps, so it may not be suitable for disabled guests. Bed sheets and towels are provided, and there is access to WIFI.

Shared spaces include a fully equipped American kitchen where you can cook at any time. There is also a comfortable living room area with a stove and a large TV screen for your entertainment. Outside, you can relax on the wooden deck furniture, which includes chairs and a plancha grill. The bathroom features a wooden corner bath, and there is a separate ventilated toilet.

The rates for this room are $38 per night for one person (for stays of 2 nights or more) and $180 per week from Monday to Friday (for 5 nights). For single-night stays, the rate is $42 per person. Please note that this room is not suitable for long-term stays, as it is designed like a cabin on a spaceship. However, it can be ideal for short-term stays. The rate for two people sharing the room is $45 per night."


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