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Martine Rooy
34 route de Lutard


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Description for Gite

There are two fully furnished shelters available for rent, accommodating 5 and 9 people respectively. These shelters can be rented on a weekly basis or for the weekend. They are classified as 3-star accommodations.

Both shelters come with a well-equipped kitchen, including a fridge, oven, microwave, electric stove, and dishwasher. Additionally, there are laundry facilities with a washing machine and tumble dryer.

Furthermore, the shelters are equipped with a television and DVD player for entertainment. These amenities make for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


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Take the N10 road towards Angoulême and continue until you reach the Bedenac Bussac Foret exit. Follow the signs indicating the direction of Cercoux, and drive straight for approximately 10 kilometers. Turn left at Lutard.



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extra bed
Holiday Home 3 28 40 250 800 20


Disabled Access
Animals Allowed


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