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29 Rue Amiral Roussin


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This spacious apartment on Admiral Roussin Street can comfortably accommodate 4 to 5 people. With a total area of 75 m2, it is situated in the charming "hotel in Britain." The apartment features a generously sized living room with an open, fully equipped kitchen that seamlessly transitions into a beautiful lounge area. Here, guests can enjoy a large screen TV, cozy fireplace, and two comfortable couches.

The apartment boasts a quiet and bright master bedroom with a double bed, offering a pleasant view of the pedestrian street. Additionally, there is a second bedroom that overlooks the courtyard and can be configured with either a double bed or two beds with comfortable mattresses for relaxation.

The bathroom is equipped with a spacious shower, while a separate toilet is also available. Upon request, an extra cot can be provided for an additional fee of 10 euros per night. Alternatively, a baby cot can be provided free of charge.

For added convenience, the apartment offers Wi-Fi access and a parking area with a view (subject to availability). It is important to note that this is a non-smoking apartment and pets are not allowed.


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To reach the Grand Admiral apartment, take the A6 / A7 / A31 / A38 / A39 highways and head towards downtown. If you need assistance with transportation from the station, please visit the official website of Dijon's transport services to make your travel arrangements.



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Apartment 1 150 160
Holiday Home 1 150 160




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