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Jean-Marc Dupuis
42 Avenue Delattre de Tassigny


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Description for Gite

This charming gite offers a comfortable stay with its 2 bedrooms, each equipped with a 140-sized bed and an iPhone/iPod station. Upon request, a cot and high chair are available for families with young children. The living room features a cozy sofa and a 107cm TV with TNT SAT channels. The kitchen is well-equipped, and there is a bathroom with a shower and a separate toilet.

Outside, guests can enjoy a stone barbecue and relax by the heated swimming pool, complete with sun loungers and wooden garden furniture. The pool is equipped with an electric blanket for added safety, following standard regulations. Please note that the pool is available from May to October, subject to weather conditions in May and October.

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the premises.

The pricing and availability for this gite are as follows:
- Low season: €300
- Season: €750
- High season: €1200
- Peak season: €1400

To make a booking, please contact us via phone or email. A contract will be sent to you, and a deposit of 25% of the rental price is required to secure your reservation. Once confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email.

For more pictures, please visit our personal website. Address can be provided upon request via email or phone call.

The gite is conveniently located, with the following distances to nearby attractions:
- Island of Oleron: 5 minutes
- Bramble baths:
- Rochefort: 10 minutes
- La Rochelle: 45 minutes
- The Palmyra:
- Royan: 30 minutes
- Ile de Ré: 1 hour.


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extra bed
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2 390 1350
Holiday Home 1 75 200 300 1400


Swimming Pool


  • Citadelle de Brouage: Located approximately 14 kilometers northeast of Marennes, the Citadelle de Brouage is a historic fortified village. It was once a bustling harbor and played a significant role in the salt trade. Today, visitors can explore the well-preserved ramparts, admire the architecture, and learn about the village's fascinating history.
  • Fort Louvois: Situated on an artificial island in the Pertuis d'Antioche strait, Fort Louvois is a 17th-century coastal fortification. Connected to the mainland by a causeway, this star-shaped fortress offers stunning views of the surrounding waters. Visitors can take guided tours to discover its intriguing military past and enjoy the picturesque setting.
  • La Tremblade: Located around 10 kilometers west of Marennes, La Tremblade is a charming coastal town known for its beautiful beaches. Plage de la Bouverie and Plage de Ronce-les-Bains are popular spots for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. The town also boasts a lively harbor, where visitors can enjoy fresh seafood and explore local shops.
  • Phare de la Coubre: Standing tall at 64 meters, the Phare de la Coubre is a lighthouse situated near La Tremblade. It offers panoramic views of the coastline and the nearby forests. Visitors can climb to the top and learn about the lighthouse's history and significance in maritime navigation.
  • Marais aux Oiseaux: Located in the heart of the Marennes-Oléron marshes, the Marais aux Oiseaux is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary. It provides a habitat for various bird species, including herons, storks, and flamingos. Visitors can enjoy guided walks, observe the birds in their natural surroundings, and learn about the importance of wetland conservation.
  • Bateau de Saintonge: This historic ship, located in Rochefort about 27 kilometers north of Marennes, offers visitors a unique maritime experience. The Bateau de Saintonge is a replica of an 18th-century naval frigate, providing insights into the naval history of the region. Guided tours allow visitors to explore the ship's decks, cabins, and learn about life at sea during that era.
  • La Rochelle: Situated approximately 50 kilometers north of Marennes, La Rochelle is a vibrant coastal city with a rich history. It boasts a picturesque old harbor, adorned by medieval towers. Visitors can stroll through the charming streets, visit historic landmarks like the Saint-Louis Cathedral and the City Hall, or explore the popular aquarium.
  • Île d'Oléron: Located just south of Marennes, Île d'Oléron is the largest island on the French Atlantic coast. It is known for its pristine sandy beaches, charming villages, and beautiful landscapes. Visitors can enjoy cycling along the island's numerous bike paths, indulge in fresh seafood, or visit the historic Château d'Oléron and its citadel. These attractions offer a diverse range of experiences, from historical sites to natural beauty, ensuring that visitors near Marennes can find something that suits their interests.