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Louis Thiollier
Trelannec - Tal ar Groäs



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price from €30






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We offer two bedrooms suitable for 2-3 individuals each, as well as a dormitory that can accommodate up to 4 people. For more information about our rates, please refer to the "tariffs page" on our website.


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extra bed
(2 pers.)
2 30 40 15 oui
(3 pers.)
1 40 60 oui


Animals Allowed


  • Pointe de Dinan: Located in Crozon, Pointe de Dinan offers stunning panoramic views of the rugged coastline and the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for its picturesque cliffs and mesmerizing sunsets, making it a favorite spot for nature lovers and photographers.
  • Cap de la Chèvre: Another beautiful cape in Crozon, Cap de la Chèvre is home to breathtaking landscapes and walking trails. Visitors can explore the rugged cliffs, enjoy the fresh sea breeze, and witness the diverse marine life in the crystal-clear waters.
  • Morgat Beach: Situated in the seaside resort of Morgat, this sandy beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. It is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and shops, providing a lively atmosphere for both locals and tourists.
  • Peninsula of Crozon: The entire peninsula is a natural paradise, offering a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and bird-watching. With its unspoiled beaches, hidden coves, and lush forests, the Peninsula of Crozon is a haven for nature enthusiasts.
  • Camaret-sur-Mer: A charming fishing village located near Trelannec, Camaret-sur-Mer is famous for its picturesque harbor and historic sites. Visitors can explore the Vauban Tower, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and enjoy fresh seafood at one of the waterfront restaurants.
  • Ménez-Hom: This mountain, rising to an altitude of 330 meters, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, coastline, and islands. It is a popular spot for paragliding and hiking, with various trails leading to the summit.
  • Museum of the Sea (Musée de la Mer): Situated in the heart of Morgat, this museum showcases the rich maritime history of the region. Visitors can learn about local fishing traditions, explore interactive exhibits, and discover the diverse marine life found in the area.
  • Locronan: A well-preserved medieval village, Locronan is renowned for its charming cobblestone streets, traditional Breton houses, and historic buildings. It has been a popular filming location for several movies due to its unique atmosphere.
  • Océanopolis: Located in Brest, Océanopolis is a fascinating ocean discovery park. It features three different pavilions dedicated to tropical, polar, and temperate marine ecosystems. Visitors can observe various marine species, attend educational shows, and learn about marine conservation. 10. Fort du Dellec: Situated near Plouzané, Fort du Dellec is a former military fortification that now serves as a cultural and recreational center. It offers beautiful coastal walks, picnic areas, and stunning views of the Brest harbor entrance. These attractions near Trelannec offer a mix of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and recreational activities, ensuring an enjoyable experience for tourists.

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