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Gite du Moulin
Le moulin
Saint Germain le Rocheux



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We have two guest rooms available for you to choose from: one is located in the charming old bread oven, while the other is nestled within the rustic ambiance of the old barn.

Description for Gite

Situated on an expansive estate, the Moulin de Saint-Germain is ideally positioned near a serene trout stream, nestled on the outskirts of a picturesque forest. The Miller's Cottage, a charming detached dwelling, is located in the former residence of the miller, facing the landlord's mill. Spanning two floors, the ground floor boasts a fully equipped kitchen that seamlessly opens up to the inviting living area. Ascending to the first floor, you will find a comfortable bedroom furnished with two 120cm beds and a spacious bathroom complete with a toilet. The second floor accommodates another bedroom, featuring a 140cm bed, a 120cm bed, and a 90cm bed. Electric heating is available, supplemented by the option of purchasing wood at a rate of 35 euros per cubic meter. The property encompasses a vast, open garden that stretches along the riverbank. Please note that the garden is not enclosed. Parking facilities are also provided for your convenience. Additionally, we offer a smaller cottage measuring 35 m2, suitable for 2 to 3 individuals. This cozy abode is located in the adjoining barn on the first floor. It comprises a spacious room furnished with a 160cm bed and a compact kitchenette situated in a smaller room, which also includes a TV. The ground floor houses a single bed (90cm) and a bathroom complete with a toilet. Opposite the cottages, there is a separate guest house boasting a bathroom, toilet, and a tastefully furnished living room, all situated in the former Mill Bread Oven.


Appréciations pour Le Moulin de Saint Germain, Saint Germain le Rocheux:

Un vrai coin de paradis
Review by: Daniel, Juin 5 2011 10:41PM
Agréable chambre d'hôte, un lieu magnifique et très reposant et un hôte très accueillant.

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The TGV station at Dijon Montbard is located 35 km away, while Troyes is situated between 70 km and 80 km away.



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