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Christel Ledun
2 Impasse Des Tulipes
Theuville Aux Maillots


1 reviews

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price from €45






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We have three lovely green guest rooms, each with its own private bathroom and toilet. The first room features a comfortable double bed, while the second room offers twin beds. Our third room, perfect for families, includes a parent's room with a double bed, as well as a children's chamber with a single bed and a cot. If needed, we can provide an extra bed or cot in any of the rooms.

Towels are provided for your convenience, and the price of your stay includes a delicious organic breakfast to start your day off right. Additionally, we offer the option to join us for a gourmet dinner for just €15, where you can enjoy a delightful meal.

During your stay, you are welcome to relax in our garden or lounge area. We also have a selection of books available for you to enjoy, including topics such as regional history, green building, organic gardening, and ayrurveda.

Our home is surrounded by friendly animals such as chickens, ducks, and donkeys, creating a charming and lively atmosphere.


Appréciations pour La Belle Parenthèse, Theuville Aux Maillots:

Parenthèse de repos au milieu des turbulences de la vie
Review by: Anne Mauconduit, Aou 26 2015 9:46AM
super lieu et très belle maison, chargée d'une belle histoire. J'y ai passé un week-end que je n'oublierai jamais...

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To get to Theuville Valmont from Yvetôt, take the D5 road and follow the signs for Flowers Street. If you are coming from Fécamp, drive along the D925 road for 14 km and then turn right towards Theuville. After 1 km, turn right again onto Flowers Street, and the impasse Tulip will be the first right turn.

If you are using public transportation, I can pick you up at the nearest train station, Cany Barville, which is about 1 km away.

If you are coming from the GR 21 in Sassetot Mauconduit, it is about 5 km to Theuville.



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2 45 45 300 300 15 6
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2 65 65 15 6
Holiday Home 1 15 15 15 6




  • Étretat Cliffs: Located approximately 20 kilometers northwest of Theuville Aux Maillots, the Étretat Cliffs are famous for their stunning white chalk cliffs and natural arches. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the English Channel and take scenic walks along the cliff tops.
  • Honfleur: Situated around 35 kilometers northeast of Theuville Aux Maillots, Honfleur is a picturesque port town known for its colorful buildings, charming harbor, and historic landmarks. Visitors can explore the Vieux Bassin (Old Harbor), visit the Sainte-Catherine Church, and stroll through the narrow, cobbled streets lined with art galleries and shops.
  • Le Havre: Located approximately 25 kilometers west of Theuville Aux Maillots, Le Havre is a vibrant coastal city that offers a mix of modern architecture and historical sites. The city boasts UNESCO-listed attractions such as the Saint-Joseph Church and the Maison de l'Armateur. Visitors can also relax on the sandy beach, visit the André Malraux Museum of Modern Art, or explore the bustling city center.
  • Rouen: Situated around 75 kilometers east of Theuville Aux Maillots, Rouen is a historic city known for its medieval architecture and association with Joan of Arc. Visitors can marvel at the stunning Rouen Cathedral, explore the charming old town with its half-timbered houses, and visit the Gros Horloge, a beautiful astronomical clock.
  • Trouville-sur-Mer: Located approximately 50 kilometers southwest of Theuville Aux Maillots, Trouville-sur-Mer is a popular seaside resort known for its sandy beaches, Belle Époque villas, and lively atmosphere. Visitors can relax on the beach, enjoy fresh seafood at the bustling fish market, and take a stroll along the vibrant boardwalk lined with shops, restaurants, and casinos.
  • Deauville: Situated around 52 kilometers southwest of Theuville Aux Maillots, Deauville is another renowned coastal resort town famous for its luxurious hotels, grand casino, and international film festival. Visitors can explore the elegant streets lined with upscale boutiques, relax on the sandy beach, or admire the iconic beachside boardwalk known as Les Planches.
  • Château d'Ételan: Located approximately 10 kilometers south of Theuville Aux Maillots, the Château d'Ételan is a magnificent Renaissance castle nestled in a picturesque setting. Visitors can take guided tours of the castle, admire the beautiful gardens, and learn about its rich history and architecture.
  • Jumièges Abbey: Situated around 40 kilometers east of Theuville Aux Maillots, Jumièges Abbey is a majestic ruined monastery dating back to the 7th century. Visitors can explore the remains of the abbey, admire the Gothic architecture, and enjoy peaceful walks in the surrounding parkland. These are just a few of the many tourist attractions near Theuville Aux Maillots, offering a mix of natural beauty, historical sites, and coastal charm.