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Mane Menego
Locoal Mendon


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Experience the ultimate coastal retreat in southern Brittany with our four luxurious guest rooms. Our contemporary home offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, allowing each guest to fully embrace the tranquility they seek. Whether you are a weekend explorer or a lover of leisure, our refuge for idleness welcomes all.


Appréciations pour La Clef des Champs, Locoal Mendon:

Un moment de plénitude
Review by: M. Jean-Marc vieux, Juil 26 2012 12:19PM
Dès notre arrivée nous avons tout de suite été mis à l'aise, les chambres sont irréprochables, le coin sympa. Le petit déjeuner nous ravis avec ses gâteaux et croissants maisons. Vraiment super ! Je le recommande

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  • Menhirs de Carnac: Located in Carnac, just a short distance from Mane Menego, the Menhirs de Carnac is a collection of ancient standing stones that date back to prehistoric times. These impressive stones are arranged in rows and are shrouded in mystery, making it a fascinating attraction for history enthusiasts.
  • Saint-Cado Island: Situated in the Belz commune, Saint-Cado Island is a charming little island accessible by a stone bridge. The island boasts quaint fishermen's houses, scenic views of the river, and a picturesque chapel. It's a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or to enjoy a peaceful picnic amidst nature.
  • The Gulf of Morbihan: Just a short drive from Mane Menego, the Gulf of Morbihan is a stunning natural wonder. It is a vast bay dotted with numerous islands, offering breathtaking landscapes and a rich biodiversity. Visitors can explore the area by taking a boat tour or go hiking along the coastal trails.
  • Vannes Old Town: The historic center of Vannes, a nearby city, is a must-visit attraction. With its well-preserved medieval walls, charming half-timbered houses, and a bustling marina, Vannes Old Town exudes a unique atmosphere. Explore its narrow streets, visit the Saint-Pierre Cathedral, and discover the vibrant local shops and restaurants.
  • Port-Louis Citadel: Situated on the opposite bank of the Lorient estuary, the Port-Louis Citadel is a 17th-century fortress that once protected the city from invasions. Nowadays, it houses the National Maritime Museum, showcasing the history of the French Navy. The citadel offers stunning views of the harbor and is an intriguing destination for history buffs.
  • Ile de Groix: Located off the coast of Lorient, the Ile de Groix is an idyllic island known for its unspoiled landscapes and sandy beaches. Visitors can take a ferry to the island and spend a day exploring its scenic hiking trails, enjoying water sports, or simply unwinding on the sandy shores.
  • Quiberon Peninsula: The Quiberon Peninsula, jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, is famous for its beautiful beaches and dramatic coastline. It is a popular destination for surfers, beach lovers, and those seeking outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. The peninsula also offers opportunities to visit the historic town of Quiberon and indulge in delicious seafood.
  • Rochefort-en-Terre: Located a bit further away but well worth a visit, Rochefort-en-Terre is a charming medieval village that has been awarded the title of "Plus Beaux Villages de France" (Most Beautiful Villages of France). With its cobbled streets, half-timbered houses, and colorful flower displays, this village transports visitors back in time. These attractions near Mane Menego offer a diverse range of experiences, from ancient history to natural beauty and picturesque towns, ensuring there is something for every type of tourist.

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