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Marie-Paule Perigois
Le Logis


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On the upper floor, there are two rooms. The first room, painted in blue, features a 140 cm bed and a 90 cm bed. Adjacent to it is the shower room and toilet. The second room, painted in pink, also has a 140 cm bed and a 90 cm bed. Bed and breakfast facilities, including linens, are provided, along with a microwave for your convenience.

Description for Gite

Experience the perfect blend of modernity and serenity in our countryside retreat, just 4km away from the mesmerizing sea. Surrounded by a beautiful flower garden, our property offers a parking garage exclusively for bicycles and motorcycles. Discover comfort and tranquility in our tastefully designed rooms, all located on the upper floor.


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To get to the destination, follow these revised travel directions:
Start from Rennes and head towards Lamballe. After leaving at junction 12, take the road named Saint René Le Val André departmental management 786. Continue for approximately 5km until you reach the New Bridge. At the New Bridge, take the second road on the right which leads to Andel and the Gulf of Mane. Then, take the first road on the left called "the Rurozets the House". The destination is the 6th house on the left side.



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  • Cap Frehel: Located about 15 kilometers from Le Logis, Cap Frehel is a stunning headland with breathtaking coastal views. Visitors can explore the lighthouse, walk along the cliffs, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is also a popular spot for birdwatching.
  • Fort La Latte: Situated near Cap Frehel, Fort La Latte is a medieval fortress dating back to the 14th century. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the region's history and features well-preserved architecture. Visitors can explore the fortress, walk along the ramparts, and enjoy panoramic views of the sea.
  • Saint-Malo: Located approximately 30 kilometers from Le Logis, Saint-Malo is a historic walled city known for its picturesque old town and beautiful beaches. Visitors can wander through the narrow cobblestone streets, visit the impressive Saint-Malo Cathedral, explore the city walls, and indulge in delicious seafood.
  • Dinard: Situated across the Rance River from Saint-Malo, Dinard is a charming seaside resort town. It is renowned for its elegant Belle Époque villas, stunning beaches, and vibrant gardens. Visitors can relax on the sandy shores, stroll along the scenic promenade, and explore the town's charming streets and shops.
  • Mont Saint-Michel: Located about 85 kilometers from Le Logis, Mont Saint-Michel is an iconic medieval abbey perched on a rocky island. It is one of France's most famous landmarks and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors can explore the abbey, wander through the narrow streets of the village, and witness the dramatic tides that surround the island.
  • Fort National: Situated at the entrance of the bay of Saint-Malo, Fort National is a historic fortress built in the 17th century. It offers magnificent views of the bay and the city. Visitors can take a guided tour to learn about its history and enjoy the scenic surroundings.
  • Côte de Granit Rose: Located approximately 100 kilometers from Le Logis, the Côte de Granit Rose (Pink Granite Coast) is a stunning stretch of coastline known for its unique pink granite rock formations. Visitors can explore the picturesque villages, hike along the coastal trails, and admire the striking landscapes.
  • Paimpol: Situated about 50 kilometers from Le Logis, Paimpol is a charming fishing port known for its maritime heritage. Visitors can wander through the old town's streets, visit the Musée de la Mer (Sea Museum), and enjoy fresh seafood at the bustling harbor.
  • Bréhat Island: Located off the coast of Paimpol, Bréhat Island is a small and picturesque island known for its beautiful gardens and charming landscapes. Visitors can explore the island on foot or by bike, visit the Abbaye de Beauport, and relax on the sandy beaches. 10. Pléneuf-Val-André: Situated approximately 15 kilometers from Le Logis, Pléneuf-Val-André is a seaside resort town with beautiful sandy beaches and a lively promenade. Visitors can enjoy water sports activities, relax on the beach, and explore the town's shops, restaurants, and casino.

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