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Filiozat Evelyne et Pierre
80 Rue De Tours


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The Dependencies House Square is a charming lodging facility that not only accommodates numerous barns, stables, bread ovens, and presses but also offers cozy rooms perfect for weary travelers seeking rest during their journey. It is an ideal destination for tourists wishing to explore a region abundant with historical artifacts, exceptional wines, delectable culinary delights, and exquisite local craftsmanship.


Appréciations pour Maison Carré, Montrichard:

Séjour à la Maison Carré
Review by: Jean-Pierre Spinelli, Canada, Mar 27 2015 8:23PM
Nous avons séjourné à la Maison carré en mai 2014 et nous en gardons un excellent souvenir.

La gentillesse et l'amabilité avec laquelle nous avons été reçu a comblé toute nos espérances.

Les chambres sont très confortables et que dire du merveilleux déjeuné, un régal pour les yeux et les papilles.
Review by: DE Michèle et François, Mai 19 2011 6:54PM
Nous avons été enchanté de votre accueil. Et les dernières visites ont été superbes dont le jardin de Villandry
Merci à vous pour tout et votre gentillesse

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  • Château de Montrichard: Located in the heart of Montrichard, this medieval castle is a major tourist attraction. Visitors can explore its well-preserved architecture, visit the museum inside, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding areas.
  • ZooParc de Beauval: Situated in Saint-Aignan, about 10 kilometers away, this world-renowned zoo is home to over 10,000 animals from around the world. It offers unique opportunities to see giant pandas, white tigers, and other rare species up close.
  • Château de Chenonceau: Approximately 15 kilometers northeast of Montrichard, this iconic château spans the River Cher and features stunning Renaissance architecture. Known as the "Ladies' Castle," it has beautiful gardens and a rich history.
  • Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire: Located about 20 kilometers northwest, this castle stands majestically on the banks of the Loire River. It hosts an annual International Garden Festival and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valley.
  • Château de Cheverny: Situated about 35 kilometers northeast, this grand castle is famous for its impressive architecture and well-preserved interiors. It is also known for its pack of hunting dogs, which can be observed during feeding times.
  • Château de Blois: Situated approximately 40 kilometers northeast, this castle is a remarkable blend of architectural styles, spanning from the Middle Ages to the 17th century. It houses several museums and offers guided tours.
  • Château de Amboise: Located about 40 kilometers east, this Renaissance castle overlooks the Loire River. It was the residence of several French kings and features beautiful gardens, stunning views, and the tomb of Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Caves des Roches: Situated about 5 kilometers south of Montrichard, this underground cave system offers guided tours through its fascinating network of troglodyte dwellings and wine cellars. Visitors can learn about the history and production of wine in the region.
  • Château de Fougères-sur-Bièvre: Situated around 20 kilometers north, this charming fortified castle dates back to the 15th century. It provides a glimpse into medieval life and offers guided tours through its towers, courtyard, and gardens. 10. Château de Loches: Located approximately 25 kilometers southeast, this impressive medieval fortress houses a museum and offers guided tours. Its well-preserved architecture and rich history make it a popular attraction for history enthusiasts. These attractions near 80 Rue De Tours, Montrichard, France, offer a variety of historical, cultural, and natural experiences, catering to different interests and preferences.

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