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Suzanne Pledger
Les Chenes
Mareil en Champange


1 reviews

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+44 0243424776


+44 07951648701


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Les Chenes is situated in the picturesque countryside, offering breathtaking views, while still being conveniently close to the charming villages of Mareil en Champagne, Brulon, and Loue. These villages boast a variety of bars, restaurants, and a weekly market. In Loue, there is also an outdoor pool, perfect for a refreshing swim, as well as opportunities for lake swimming and wind surfing in Brulon.

For those seeking cultural and historical experiences, the medieval parts and cathedral of Le Mans are just 25 kilometers away. This vibrant city offers an array of fantastic restaurants and bars, along with the renowned 24-hour race track and car museum. Additionally, guests have the option to conveniently travel to Paris in just 59 minutes or Euro Disney in 1 hour and 15 minutes by catching a TGV train.

Golf enthusiasts will be delighted to know that a 27-hole golf course can be found in Sable, a mere 20 minutes' drive away, complete with an excellent restaurant. At Les Chenes, guests can enjoy an 11-meter by 5-meter heated swimming pool, as well as six acres of land to explore. Breakfast can be savored either indoors or outdoors, providing a lovely start to the day.

Accommodation at Les Chenes consists of three en suite bedrooms, with one bedroom conveniently located on the ground floor. A spacious breakfast room and lounge area are available for guests to relax and unwind. For those feeling adventurous, nearby forest walks offer the opportunity to spot deer who frequently visit the orchard and indulge in the apples, or to try their hand at fishing in our pond.

Description for Gite

We offer two gites, accommodating up to 5 people in each.


Appréciations pour Les Chenes, Mareil en Champange:

Review by: Pauline Sheppard , Jan 3 2016 12:41AM
Lovely warm hosts who cared for our needs, an amazing farmhous, barn conversion that's massive and luxurious, wish we could have stayed longer as there was so much to explore. Hosts were warm and friendly but unobtrousive, a perfect place for children of all ages and couples, highly recommend.

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Swimming Pool


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