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Rachel Solans
"le Teoule"
Armous et Cau


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Hello everyone!

We are a pair of binoculars, students, currently residing with our parents in the charming village of Armous-et-Cau, located 5 kilometers from Gers and 10 kilometers from Bassoues Marciac.

During the Jazz-in-Marciac festival, we are offering the opportunity to rent our connected rooms. These two rooms are divided by a simple partition, with the first room featuring a double bed and a single bed.

The bathroom and toilet are shared with our family (which consists of two of us and our parents). Our spacious garden boasts a lovely pond and a small in-ground pool, which you are more than welcome to enjoy.

Every morning, we serve a delicious breakfast including croissants, chocolate croissants, fresh bread, homemade jam, butter, hot drinks, and juice. On occasion, you can also make use of our kitchen for dining purposes.

As psychomotor and manipulative radio students, we have experience with children and can offer babysitting services during the day or night at a rate of approximately 5 euros per hour.

The price of 40 euros covers the rental of both bedrooms, and if needed, we can provide an additional mattress in one of the rooms. Additionally, we have two other bedrooms available for rent, both furnished with double beds and located in the same house.

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday!

Best regards,

Emma and Rachel.

PS: If possible, please contact us via phone.


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Swimming Pool


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