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Raymonde Belin
Domaine de Beunes


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Introducing the exquisite DOMAINE de BEUNES, a charming residence constructed in 1835 that has been meticulously restored and tastefully adorned. Nestled within a serene and tranquil park, surrounded by picturesque countryside and in close proximity to the enchanting Dordogne region. The DOMAINE de BEUNES is conveniently located a mere 8 miles away from VILLENEUVE sur LOT and just 28 miles from the captivating town of BERGERAC.

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To access by Bergerac, simply follow the national 21 road towards Villeneuve sur Lot. Pass through Bouniagues, Castillonnes, Cancon, and Castelnaud de Gratecambe. After traveling 1 mile from Castelnaud de Gratecambe, you will notice the entrance to the international golf course. Take a right turn here to reach "Domaine de Beunes". In just 800 meters, you will come across a left road that leads you to the hillside where "Domaine de Beunes", your place of stay, awaits.

To access by Villeneuve sur Lot, take the bypass road around the town. Follow the signs indicating Bergerac and Périgueux. Once you pass Soubirous, continue for 3 miles until you see the entrance to the international golf course. Take a left turn here to head towards "Domaine de Beunes". After 800 meters, you will find a left road that takes you to the hillside where "Domaine de Beunes" is located, ready to welcome you.



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