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Marie Paule Bregeon
6 Rue de Fissac


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There are two separate cottages located in La Rochelle, just 10 minutes away from the beautiful beaches and the island of Re. The cottages are also conveniently situated 3 km from the old port.

These bed and breakfast accommodations offer comfortable rooms with private bathrooms and toilets. The nightly rate is 45 euros, which includes a delicious breakfast (48 euros in August). Guests can enjoy their breakfast in the veranda.

The rooms have an independent entrance into the house, providing privacy for guests. The cottages are located in a charming village that is in close proximity to the town center and various shops, including a supermarket, restaurant, and fast food options, all within 1 km.

Additionally, these accommodations are conveniently situated 3 km from the old port of La Rochelle, 10 km from the island of Ré, and only 5 km from the stunning beaches.


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Take the Paris road until you reach the entrance to La Rochelle exchanger Beaulieu (ring road). Turn around and head back towards Paris and Niort. Take the first exit on the right towards Beaulieu and Rompsay. Follow the signs for Rompsay. At the next three roundabouts, take the left turn towards Chagnolet. Then, take the second left onto "rue de fissac" and the destination will be on the right side.



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  • La Rochelle Old Port: Located approximately 4.5 kilometers away, La Rochelle Old Port is a picturesque harbor area known for its historic atmosphere and vibrant ambiance. Visitors can enjoy strolling along the waterfront, admiring the colorful boats, and exploring the nearby shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  • La Rochelle Aquarium: Situated around 5.5 kilometers from the given address, La Rochelle Aquarium is a popular tourist attraction that offers a fascinating underwater experience. With over 12,000 marine animals from various ecosystems, visitors can explore different themed sections and even have the opportunity to touch some of the sea creatures.
  • Towers of La Rochelle: Less than 6 kilometers away, the Towers of La Rochelle are iconic landmarks that have guarded the city's harbor since the medieval era. The towers, known as Tour de la Chaîne and Tour Saint-Nicolas, offer breathtaking views of the surrounding area and provide insight into the region's rich history.
  • Les Minimes Beach: Located approximately 7 kilometers from the given address, Les Minimes Beach is a popular spot for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. This sandy beach offers a relaxing environment and is easily accessible from the city center.
  • Ile de Ré: Situated around 10 kilometers away, Ile de Ré is a charming island known for its picturesque villages, beautiful beaches, and salt marshes. Visitors can explore the island's cycling paths, visit historical sites, and savor delicious seafood in the local restaurants.
  • Fort Boyard: Located roughly 30 kilometers from the given address, Fort Boyard is a historic fortification situated on an offshore island. Known for its appearances on the popular TV show, the fort can be admired from a distance on a boat tour or explored up close on specific guided tours.
  • Corderie Royale: Situated approximately 35 kilometers away in Rochefort, Corderie Royale is a historical site that once produced ropes for the French Navy. Now transformed into a museum, it offers exhibitions on maritime history and provides insight into the country's naval heritage. These attractions offer a variety of experiences, from exploring historical landmarks to enjoying coastal beauty, making your visit to Perigny and its surrounding areas memorable.

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