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Maryvonne Molineux


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Appréciations pour La Vielle école, Lannédern:

Echappée belle.
Review by: isabelle de Brest, Mar 30 2019 2:33PM
Après avoir été chaleureusement accueillis mon mari et moi, nous avons fait connaissance avec Maryvonne et découvert une grande chambre très agréable. Nous avons passé une excellente nuit, au calme.
Je garde le souvenir d'un Week-end paisible, hors du temps ! Nous y retournerons certainement prochainement pour un concert folk.
bonne chambre
Review by: Patricia, Aou 21 2013 8:43PM
séjour très agréable. Maryvonne, hôtesse très agréable et intensionnée, nous a donné beaucoup d'explications sur sa région qu'elle affectionne et nous a guidé pour nos visites

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To reach Lannédern from Morlaix, go towards Carhaix and then take a turn towards Brennilis. Cross Loqueffret and continue until you reach Lannédern.

If you are traveling from Quimper, head towards Brest and then take the exit towards Pleyben. Follow the road to Huelgoat until you reach Lannédern.

From Brest, take the direction towards Quimper and then exit at Pleyben. Continue towards Huelgoat until you reach Lannédern.



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  • Château de Trévarez: Located in Saint-Goazec, approximately 10 miles from Bourg, the Château de Trévarez is a stunning castle surrounded by extensive gardens. Built in the late 19th century, it now serves as a cultural center and hosts various exhibitions and events throughout the year.
  • Monts d'Arrée: Situated about 15 miles northeast of Bourg, the Monts d'Arrée is a picturesque mountain range and natural park. It offers breathtaking landscapes, hiking trails, and opportunities for outdoor activities such as cycling and horseback riding. The highest peak, Roc'h Ruz, provides panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  • The Armorique Natural Regional Park: Located around 30 miles northwest of Bourg, the Armorique Natural Regional Park is a vast protected area covering over 125,000 acres. It encompasses diverse landscapes, including forests, moorlands, and coastal areas. The park is ideal for nature lovers and offers hiking, birdwatching, and scenic drives.
  • Quimper: Just a short drive of about 15 miles south of Bourg, Quimper is a charming town renowned for its well-preserved medieval center. Visitors can explore its cobbled streets, admire the Gothic-style Quimper Cathedral, and visit the Musée des Beaux-Arts, which houses an impressive collection of art and ceramics.
  • Huelgoat Forest: Situated approximately 20 miles northeast of Bourg, Huelgoat Forest is a mystical woodland known for its moss-covered boulders, enchanting pathways, and the iconic "Chaos du Moulin." Visitors can enjoy peaceful walks, discover mythical legends associated with the area, and explore the nearby lake and waterfall.
  • Locronan: Located around 20 miles southwest of Bourg, Locronan is a beautifully preserved medieval village with well-preserved granite houses and narrow streets. It is often used as a filming location for historical movies due to its authentic atmosphere. Visitors can explore artisan shops, visit the Church of St. Ronan, and enjoy panoramic views from the top of the village.
  • Pointe du Raz: Situated approximately 35 miles northwest of Bourg, Pointe du Raz is a dramatic headland and one of the most famous tourist sites in Brittany. It offers breathtaking coastal views, rugged cliffs, and the opportunity to witness the power of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can explore the walking trails, visit the lighthouse, and appreciate the natural beauty of the area.
  • Concarneau: Located around 35 miles south of Bourg, Concarneau is a fortified coastal town known for its picturesque harbor and historic walled city. Visitors can stroll along the ramparts, explore the narrow streets filled with shops and restaurants, and visit the renowned Musée de la Pêche (Fishing Museum) to learn about the town's maritime heritage. These are just a few examples of the many tourist attractions near Bourg, Lannédern, France.