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Annie Dromer
16, Rue Du Colonel Saiffert


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Experience the beauty of flower-inspired rooms at our establishment: Peony, a spacious room spanning 21.80 m2 with charming rustic oak furnishings, a comfortable 160 * 200 cm bed, a dressing table, a sofa (which can also serve as an additional 2-person bed), a TV, and wifi.

Next, we have Capucine, a vibrant room covering 29.60 m2, perfect for young guests. This room features two beds, a baby bed, a sofa (which can be used as an extra 2-person bed), and essential baby equipment such as a changing table and a high chair.

Lastly, there is Jasmin, a cozy separate bedroom measuring 12.70 m2. This room is adorned with elegant Romati White decor and offers a comfortable double bed, a TV, and wifi.

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To reach the destination 120 km away from Paris, you can follow these travel directions:

BY ROAD: Take the A6 motorway and exit at COURTENAY. From there, head towards SENS PIFFONDS (D 72).

BY TRAIN: From PARIS Gare de Lyon train station, it takes approximately 3/4 hour to reach SENS (89). Once you arrive at SENS, you can arrange for a transfer to the residence by appointment.



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Notes: We consult our packages




  • Château de Guédelon: Located about 18 kilometers from Chaumot, Château de Guédelon is a unique attraction where visitors can witness the construction of a medieval castle using traditional techniques. It provides an immersive experience into the medieval era.
  • Vézelay Abbey: Situated around 30 kilometers away, Vézelay Abbey is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its Romanesque architecture. The abbey is a popular pilgrimage destination and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Fontenay Abbey: About 45 kilometers from Chaumot, Fontenay Abbey is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. This well-preserved Cistercian monastery showcases exceptional medieval architecture and beautiful gardens.
  • Auxerre: Located approximately 30 kilometers away, Auxerre is a charming town known for its historic center. Visit the Abbaye Saint-Germain, the Cathedral of Saint-Étienne, and enjoy a stroll along the banks of the Yonne River.
  • Noyers-sur-Serein: Situated around 17 kilometers from Chaumot, Noyers-sur-Serein is a picturesque medieval village. Its well-preserved half-timbered houses, narrow streets, and fortified walls make it a delightful place to explore.
  • Chablis: Located about 25 kilometers away, Chablis is famous for its world-renowned white wines. Visit the vineyards, sample the local wines, and explore the charming town center.
  • Saint-Fargeau Castle: Situated around 50 kilometers from Chaumot, Saint-Fargeau Castle is a magnificent Renaissance castle surrounded by a large park. It offers guided tours and hosts various events, including historical reenactments.
  • Briare Aqueduct: About 70 kilometers away, the Briare Aqueduct is an impressive engineering feat. It carries the Canal de Briare over the River Loire, and visitors can walk or cycle across it while enjoying panoramic views.
  • Grottes d'Arcy-sur-Cure: Located approximately 60 kilometers from Chaumot, the Grottes d'Arcy-sur-Cure is a cave complex with prehistoric paintings dating back over 28,000 years. Guided tours take visitors through the fascinating underground world. 10. Guédelon Forest: Adjacent to Château de Guédelon, Guédelon Forest is a beautiful natural area perfect for hiking and picnicking. Enjoy the tranquil surroundings and discover the flora and fauna of the region. Please note that the distances mentioned are approximate and may vary depending on the route taken.