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Martine Perraud
3, Hameau Puits-bottin


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This charming property offers a comfortable and cozy atmosphere with unique and original decorations. It features an inviting entrance, a spacious living room, a comfortable bedroom, and even a beautiful pond. The property is surrounded by a vast garden spanning 3500m2, perfect for relaxation and tranquility. Moreover, an equestrian center conveniently located nearby allows guests to bring their own horses, offering the exciting possibility of carriage rides, horse riding lessons, and dressage. For those who enjoy river tourism, the area offers various opportunities to explore and indulge in this activity. Additionally, guests can discover a rich selection of local handicrafts and explore magnificent chateaux in the vicinity.


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To travel from Sens to Auxerre, follow these directions:
1. Head towards Auxerre on the main road.
2. After passing through Rosoy, take a left turn at the roundabout towards "Véron."
3. Then, take the first right in the direction of "Passy."
4. Continue straight at the next roundabout, following signs for "The Deans Grange," "Val Peronne," "Val Saint Etienne," and "Well-Directory."



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  • Château de Saint-Fargeau: Located about 8 kilometers from Veron, this stunning castle dates back to the 10th century and offers guided tours of its impressive architecture and beautiful gardens.
  • Pontigny Abbey: Situated approximately 15 kilometers away, Pontigny Abbey is one of the largest Cistercian abbeys in Europe. Visitors can explore the abbey's intricate Gothic architecture and peaceful surroundings.
  • Guedelon Castle: About 30 kilometers from Veron, Guedelon Castle is a unique attraction where visitors can witness the construction of a medieval castle using only traditional techniques. It provides an immersive experience into medieval architecture.
  • Vézelay Abbey: Located around 35 kilometers away, Vézelay Abbey is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a significant pilgrimage destination. The abbey boasts stunning Romanesque architecture and houses relics of Saint Mary Magdalene.
  • Noyers-sur-Serein: Situated about 40 kilometers from Veron, Noyers-sur-Serein is a charming medieval village known for its well-preserved half-timbered houses, narrow streets, and picturesque setting along the Serein River.
  • Chablis Vineyards: Just a short drive from Veron, the Chablis vineyards offer wine enthusiasts the opportunity to taste and learn about the world-renowned Chablis wines. Many vineyards in the area offer guided tours and wine tastings.
  • Auxerre: Approximately 25 kilometers away, Auxerre is a historic city with a rich architectural heritage. Visitors can explore its medieval streets, visit the impressive Saint-Etienne Cathedral, and enjoy the charming waterfront along the Yonne River.
  • Sens Cathedral: Situated around 60 kilometers from Veron, Sens Cathedral is a magnificent Gothic cathedral known for its impressive stained glass windows and grand interior. It is one of the earliest examples of Gothic architecture in France.
  • Guédelon Forest: Located about 25 kilometers away, Guédelon Forest is a beautiful natural area perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers hiking trails, picnic spots, and the opportunity to observe local wildlife. 10. Morvan Regional Natural Park: Approximately 60 kilometers from Veron, the Morvan Regional Natural Park is a vast protected area with rolling hills, forests, and lakes. It is an ideal destination for hiking, cycling, and exploring nature.