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Monique Rays
33 Rue du Bois Colin
St Mard de Blacarville


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Review by: vautier, Aou 10 2015 10:15PM
a recommander

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1 46 46 200 200 INCLUS
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1 60 60 300 300 INCLUS


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  • Honfleur: Located approximately 20 kilometers away, Honfleur is a charming port town known for its picturesque harbor, colorful buildings, and cobbled streets. It offers stunning waterfront views, art galleries, museums, and delicious seafood restaurants.
  • Le Havre: Situated about 35 kilometers from St Mard de Blacarville, Le Havre is a vibrant coastal city with a rich maritime history. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts modern architecture, beautiful beaches, a bustling port, and the renowned MuMa Museum.
  • Etretat: Situated around 60 kilometers away, Etretat is famous for its breathtaking cliffs and natural arches. The stunning white chalk cliffs offer panoramic views of the English Channel, and visitors can enjoy hiking trails, beachcombing, and exploring the charming village.
  • Rouen: Located approximately 60 kilometers from St Mard de Blacarville, Rouen is a historic city with a fascinating medieval old town. It is known for its stunning Gothic architecture, including the famous Rouen Cathedral and the Gros Horloge clock. Rouen also has numerous museums, charming streets lined with timber-framed houses, and a vibrant food scene.
  • Deauville: Situated about 80 kilometers away, Deauville is a glamorous seaside resort town known for its luxurious hotels, upscale shops, and a famous horse racing track. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful sandy beach, stroll along the iconic boardwalk, and explore the elegant architecture.
  • Giverny: Located around 90 kilometers from St Mard de Blacarville, Giverny is the village where the renowned Impressionist painter Claude Monet lived and worked. Visitors can tour Monet's house and gardens, which inspired many of his famous paintings, including the iconic water lilies.
  • Caen: Situated approximately 95 kilometers away, Caen is a historic city with a rich heritage. It is home to the impressive Caen Castle, the Abbaye aux Hommes, and the Abbaye aux Dames. Caen also offers excellent museums, charming pedestrian streets, and a lively atmosphere.
  • Mont Saint-Michel: Located around 150 kilometers from St Mard de Blacarville, Mont Saint-Michel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of France's most iconic landmarks. This medieval abbey is perched on a rocky island and offers stunning views, narrow winding streets, and a unique atmosphere. These are just a few of the many tourist attractions near St Mard de Blacarville in France. Each destination has its own unique charm and offers a different experience for visitors to enjoy.

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