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Annie Leclercq
3 Chemin de La Grande Aige Hameau de Villy Le Brule
Villy Le Moutier


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The "Les Ormes" Bed and Breakfast is a charming accommodation designed for a cozy stay of two individuals. It features a delightful interior adorned with exquisite antique furniture. The ensuite bathroom is equipped with a luxurious spa bath, ensuring a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Additionally, the room offers direct access to a lovely terrace, providing a seamless connection with the outdoors.


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Take the Beaune Sud exit and head towards Seurre (D973). At Corberon, make a left turn towards Villy le Moutier. After 2 kilometers, take the right exit onto Street of Willows Road. Continue towards Nuits Saint Georges and follow the signs for Seurre (D35). When you reach Balon, turn right towards Argilly. Then, follow the signs for Moutier Villy until you reach Brule. Take the first left onto Upstream Street and continue until the end. Your destination will be on the left.



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Swimming Pool
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