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Guillaume Koning
20 Rue des Fougeres


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The ground floor features a delightful lounge exclusively for guests, furnished with a TV and WIFI internet access. Additionally, residents have access to a computer with a printer. The beautifully landscaped garden city provides a refreshing atmosphere, and a south facing terrace is at your disposal. Breakfast, tailored to your preferences, is served in a charming room overlooking the garden where you can enjoy homemade jams. Furthermore, there is the option to use a kitchen to heat up your dinner.


Appréciations pour Rue des Fougeres, Louviers:

Review by: Sandrine & Eric, Sep 25 2014 12:41PM
Nous avons passé un excellent moment de détente et de calme dans cette jolie demeure.
Accueil très chaleureux, Mr est aux petits soins. A recommander

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