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Palies Patricia
7 Montpoutier
Cognac la Foret


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Appréciations pour La Boussole, Cognac la Foret:

Sympathique escale
Review by: Famille Seitschek, Aou 2 2016 10:42PM
Des hôtes charmants et prévenants,une maison meublée avec goût,un environnement agréable,une bonne table...Tous les ingrédients étaient réunis pour passer un excellent moment .
repos en limousin
Review by: GERMANEAU , Juin 29 2016 4:18PM
accueil sympathique , table somptueuse avec le goût de surprendre .Très belle pause .
A conseiller
Review by: Mandallaz, Juil 21 2014 10:05AM
Une tres bonne adresse.Acceuil .et cuisine excellente.Des petites attention dans les chambres.Tres calme
Une grande chambre d'hôtes
Review by: Lallemand, Juil 21 2014 9:56AM
Acceuil tres chalereux .Cuisine excellente .Repos complet dans une vieille demeure très bien décorée .A conseiller
pause près de Limoges
Review by: MASSONNET, Aou 1 2013 11:06PM
accueil chaleureux, piscine dans le jardin avec chaises longues à disposition, chambre avec un salon attenant et privatif (frigo et micro-ondes), table avec repas concocté par le propriétaire dans une maison décorée avec recherche d'objets anciens. visites de la maison de l aporcelaine de Limoges, des jardins sonores de Solignac... pas d'ennui

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Swimming Pool
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  • Château de Montpoutier: Located in the village of Cognac la Foret, the Château de Montpoutier is a magnificent castle dating back to the 12th century. It offers guided tours and allows visitors to explore its historic architecture and beautiful gardens.
  • Limoges: Just a short drive from Cognac la Foret, Limoges is a charming city known for its fine porcelain and rich history. Visitors can explore the city's historic center, visit the Limoges Cathedral, and enjoy shopping for exquisite porcelain products.
  • Oradour-sur-Glane: A somber reminder of World War II, Oradour-sur-Glane is a martyred village that has been preserved as a memorial. The village was destroyed by the Nazis in 1944, and today it stands as a museum that tells the story of the tragic event.
  • Jardins de l'Imaginaire (Gardens of the Imagination): Situated in Terrasson-Lavilledieu, about an hour's drive from Cognac la Foret, the Jardins de l'Imaginaire is a unique and artistic garden. It offers stunning views, interesting sculptures, and beautifully landscaped terraces.
  • Parc Naturel Régional Périgord-Limousin: Spanning across the border of the Dordogne and Haute-Vienne departments, this regional natural park offers breathtaking landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and numerous hiking trails. It's a perfect destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Château de Rochechouart: Situated in the town of Rochechouart, this medieval castle houses the Museum of Contemporary Art. Visitors can explore the castle's architecture, admire contemporary artworks, and enjoy panoramic views from its towers.
  • Château de Chalus-Chabrol: Located in Chalus, this castle is famous for being the place where Richard the Lionheart was mortally wounded. It has a rich history and offers guided tours, allowing visitors to discover its medieval architecture and learn about its fascinating past.
  • Lac de Saint-Pardoux: A popular destination for outdoor activities, Lac de Saint-Pardoux is a large lake located near Saint-Pardoux village. It offers sandy beaches, picnic areas, water sports facilities, and hiking trails, making it a great place for relaxation and recreation.
  • Abbey of Saint-Amand-de-Boixe: Situated near Angoulême, this Romanesque abbey dates back to the 12th century and is known for its beautiful frescoes and architectural details. Visitors can explore the abbey's interior, admire its medieval art, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. 10. Circuit des Remparts: Taking place in Angoulême, the Circuit des Remparts is an annual vintage car race held on the city's narrow streets. It attracts car enthusiasts from around the world and offers an exciting and unique experience for spectators.