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Maïthé Et Paul De Bettignies
La Drouille
Saint Hilaire Les Places


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price from €70




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This charming house, built in the 11th century, is located in a secluded hamlet just 2 km away from the village. It offers 2 bedrooms, a cozy loft that can accommodate 2 or 3 people comfortably, and a spacious family suite spread across two levels (70m²), perfect for two to three couples with a child. The price starts from 65/night. The house is surrounded by lush green spaces with access to a lovely meadow. Additionally, guests can enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal at the host table for a reservation fee of 23/person (13/child aged 12 and below).


Appréciations pour Les Drouilles Bleues, Saint Hilaire Les Places:

Review by: RIES Michelle et Pierre, Aou 25 2011 7:12PM
Le site est magnifique et tranquille. Les chambres sont merveilleusement décorées.
Les repas et les petit-déjeuners sont un délice pour les papilles.
Merci à Maïthé et Paul de nous avoir si chaleureusement reçus cet été.
Nous encourageons tous les amateurs exigeants a y faire une halte : ils seront conquis.

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To reach your destination, start by taking exit No. 36 towards Limoges on the A20. Next, take exit 40 towards Brive on the A20. Follow the signs to Nexon and merge onto D704 and D15, then continue on D11 towards Ladignac. From there, continue straight through the village of St Hilaire les Places (follow the arrows). After 1.5 km, you will find the Hamlet "The Drouille" on your right.



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