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Laurent Peirano
Rue Saint Jean
Château Chalon


2 reviews

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There are 5 delightful guest rooms available, each offering modern comforts, cozy beds for relaxation, bathtubs and showers for your convenience, separate toilets for added privacy, flat screen TVs for entertainment, and wireless internet access. Some rooms even have a private lounge area. We provide bathrobes and towels for your comfort.

Description for Gite

Stay in this spacious property that offers 5 bedrooms, a comfortable lounge dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, a charming terrace, and convenient parking. You can rent the entire house, however, please note that it is subject to lease and bylaws. Additionally, to enhance your experience, we offer the option of dinner and household delivery services, which can be customized to your preferences for an additional charge.


Appréciations pour La Maison D'Eusébia, Château Chalon:

Review by: Bernardelli, Oct 30 2015 6:03PM
Tout était super.l'accueil,la chambre un rêve,le spa trop génial,le décor,nous avons beaucoup aimé.Le petit déjeuner à la hauteur d'un 4 étoile ,la table,la decoration tous était très bien.
Les responsable de cet établissement sont des personnes qui se donnent à fond dans ce qu'ils font,des gens d'une grande gentillesse,très famille.Nous avons beaucoup apprécié
Beau séjour
Review by: Bernardelli, Oct 30 2015 5:50PM
Cela vaut le detour

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To get to Chateau Chalon from the north, take the A6 towards Lyon. Continue on the A6 until you reach Lyon, then switch to the A39. Take the Poligny exit from the A39 and follow the signs to Lons le Saunier. Once in Lons le Saunier, take the St. Germain Arlay exit and follow the signs to Domblans Voiteur and Chateau Chalon. When you reach the entrance of the village, take the first right, followed by the next left, and then immediately take a left again.



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4 118 148 40
Apartment 1 108 148 40


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  • Château-Chalon Village: Located just steps away, Château-Chalon Village is a picturesque medieval village perched on a cliff. It is known for its charming streets, vineyards, and the ruins of a 13th-century castle.
  • Baume-les-Messieurs: Situated approximately 5 kilometers away, Baume-les-Messieurs is a beautiful village nestled in a remote valley. It is famous for its stunning abbey, scenic waterfall, and limestone cliffs.
  • Cascade des Tufs: This natural wonder is around 6 kilometers from Rue Saint Jean. Cascade des Tufs is a cascading waterfall formed by the River Ain. The unique feature of this waterfall is the tufa, a type of rock created by the deposition of mineral-rich water.
  • Poligny: Located about 10 kilometers away, Poligny is a charming town known for its Comté cheese production. It offers a variety of cheese-related attractions, including tastings, workshops, and visits to cheese cellars.
  • Arbois: Situated approximately 15 kilometers from Rue Saint Jean, Arbois is a lovely town famous for its wine production. It is home to numerous wineries and vineyards, offering wine tastings and tours for visitors.
  • Salins-les-Bains: About 20 kilometers away, Salins-les-Bains is a spa town renowned for its salt production. Visitors can explore the saltworks, take a guided tour, and even enjoy a relaxing bath in the saltwater spa.
  • Voiteur: Located around 25 kilometers from Rue Saint Jean, Voiteur is a picturesque village known for its wine heritage. It is home to the Château de Voiteur, a beautiful castle surrounded by vineyards, and offers wine tastings and cellar visits.
  • Les Planches-près-Arbois: Situated approximately 30 kilometers away, Les Planches-près-Arbois is a small village with a rich history. It is famous for its prehistoric sites, including the Cave of Les Planches, which contains ancient cave paintings. These attractions offer a blend of natural beauty, historical sites, culinary experiences, and cultural heritage, making your visit to Rue Saint Jean and its surroundings truly memorable.

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