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Duval Françoise
3, Rue des Fleurs Mortagne


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We offer three comfortable and independent guest rooms that are located in a separate wing adjoining the house with their own entrance. The first room, named "Ismael Too," is a spacious upstairs bedroom measuring 30 sqm. It features a 160-190 bed, with the possibility of adding extra beds. The room also has a private bathroom with a walk-in shower and an independent toilet.

The second bedroom, called "Kama," is also situated upstairs and spans 30 sqm. It includes a 160-190 bed, with the option of adding extra beds. The room boasts a large private bathroom with a bathtub and a separate toilet.

The third bedroom, known as "Saint Yves," is located on the ground floor and covers 25 sqm. It contains a 160-190 bed and a 90 bed, as well as an en-suite shower room with a walk-in shower and an independent toilet.

Guests have access to a comfortable lounge upstairs, as well as recreational facilities such as table football and ping pong. Outside, there is a garden with garden furniture and a terrace, as well as private parking. Please note that pets are not allowed. WiFi is available throughout the property.

Meals can be provided upon prior booking, available twice a week in July, August, and September.


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