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Claudine Rozier
1 Les Arras
Saint Gervais


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price from €70






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We have three bedrooms available, each of which comes with its own bathroom complete with a shower and sink. The exclusive "suédoise" bedroom even has a bathtub. Guests are welcome to relax and utilize the living room and hallway, where they can access our wifi. Breakfast will be served either in our dining room or out on the patio, depending on the weather.


Appréciations pour Château des Arras, Saint Gervais:

2 juillet 2016
Review by: MP53, Juil 8 2016 10:24AM
Une belle étape, nous avons été très bien accueillis, les chambres sont très agréables, le petit déjeuner fort convenable et le cadre particulièrement intéressant

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Le chateau is situated in the heart of the Saint Gervais village. You can easily spot the entrance by the presence of two stone pillars at the start of a 400m driveway leading to the carpark.



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Notes: Breackfast included - french tourism taxe 0.50 euros per person


Swimming Pool
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  • Dune du Pilat: Located about 40 kilometers from Les Arras, Dune du Pilat is the tallest sand dune in Europe. Visitors can climb to the top and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding landscape.
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  • Saint-Émilion: Situated around 65 kilometers from Les Arras, Saint-Émilion is a picturesque medieval town renowned for its world-class vineyards. Discover its charming streets, visit ancient underground cellars, and sample some of the finest wines in the region.
  • Cap Ferret: Located about 70 kilometers from Les Arras, Cap Ferret is a scenic peninsula that separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Arcachon Bay. Enjoy pristine beaches, explore the charming fishing villages, and savor fresh seafood delicacies.
  • Arcachon: Situated approximately 70 kilometers from Les Arras, Arcachon is a popular seaside resort town known for its sandy beaches and stunning bay. Take a boat trip to the nearby Île aux Oiseaux, climb the iconic Dune du Pilat, or indulge in delicious local oysters.
  • La Cité du Vin: Located in Bordeaux, La Cité du Vin is a unique cultural center dedicated to the world of wine. Explore interactive exhibitions, learn about different wine regions, and enjoy wine tastings from around the globe.
  • Château de La Brède: Situated about 20 kilometers from Les Arras, Château de La Brède is an elegant 14th-century castle known as the birthplace of philosopher Montesquieu. Explore the beautiful grounds, visit the museum, and learn about the life and works of this influential thinker.
  • Château de Roquetaillade: Located approximately 35 kilometers from Les Arras, Château de Roquetaillade is an enchanting medieval fortress surrounded by picturesque vineyards. Take a guided tour to admire its impressive architecture, stunning gardens, and rich history.
  • Château de Vayres: Situated about 45 kilometers from Les Arras, Château de Vayres is a magnificent Renaissance castle set in a scenic park. Explore the furnished rooms, stroll through the gardens, and attend one of the captivating medieval shows held during the summer. 10. Château Malromé: Located approximately 50 kilometers from Les Arras, Château Malromé is a charming castle famous for being the residence of painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Discover the artist's former home, explore the art exhibitions, and enjoy the serene surroundings of the estate.

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