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Francoise dumay
Le Segau


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The Segau is a Gascon farmhouse constructed entirely of stone during the late 18th century. At that time, it operated on a large scale, encompassing over 100 hectares of land where multiple family groups resided together. The eastern half of the building was occupied by the farmer, while 4-5 sharecroppers lived in the western section with their families. This specific area has now been transformed into 5 guest rooms.

Presently, our operation spans across 53 hectares surrounding the farm buildings. The land is intersected by the "Osse" river, and we engage in organic farming practices. Our main agricultural productions include cereals, particularly wheat and soybeans, alongside lentils or beans.

The Segau is nestled in the heart of Ténarèze, a region characterized by its rolling hills and the opportunity to catch sight of the Pyrenees. Our goal in restoring this farmhouse was to preserve its original essence to the utmost extent. The materials used and the restoration techniques employed, such as the stone walls with whitewashed joints, reflect the time of its construction. Additionally, we offer 10 horse boxes and motorcycle storage facilities on our premises.


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