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Ton Van Vliet
9, Rue de L´église St.Georges



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Le Donjon is situated in the breathtaking Brenne Natural Park, known for its tranquil atmosphere and abundance of small lakes where various bird species thrive, including the elusive purple heron. Regularly organized walks and excursions allow visitors to immerse themselves in the park's natural beauty, while horseback riding offers a unique way to explore the area.

Le Brenne is an idyllic destination for those seeking long walks and cycling tours, with picturesque landscapes and endless routes to discover. Ciron serves as a starting point for numerous scenic walks, and the renowned Grand Randonnée trail passes through the town, providing an opportunity for unforgettable hiking experiences.

For a serene and undisturbed experience, the footpaths along the river Creuse offer a peaceful retreat. Encounter only occasional anglers or canoeists as you meander along the river's edge. The Creuse also presents a multitude of activities, including fishing and canoeing. Both Saint-Gaultier and Le Blanc offer canoe rental services, and the river's pristine water quality allows for swimming and fishing opportunities that are sure to delight.


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The village of Ciron is located around 13 kilometers (or 8 miles) from the towns of Le Blanc and Saint-Gaultier. Both of these towns offer a variety of shops to fulfill your everyday requirements. Additionally, a short distance of 20 km (or 13 miles) will take you to Argenton sur Creuse, where the train from Paris to Toulouse operates on a daily basis. Moreover, there is a convenient bus service that runs approximately seven times a day from Argenton to Ciron.



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  • Parc Naturel Régional de la Brenne: This regional nature park, located near Le Blanc, offers a picturesque landscape of forests, lakes, and wetlands. It is an ideal destination for nature lovers, with numerous hiking and biking trails, bird watching opportunities, and the chance to observe rare flora and fauna.
  • George Sand's House (Maison de George Sand): Situated in the village of Nohant-Vic, this museum is dedicated to the renowned French writer George Sand. Visitors can explore the charming 19th-century house where Sand lived and wrote, as well as view personal belongings and manuscripts that provide insight into her life and work.
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