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Le Calvez
27 Chemin de Croas-Guiguin ,Kérity


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This accommodation offers two spacious family suites, one accommodating up to 4 people and the other up to 3 people. Additionally, there are three comfortable bedrooms, each accommodating 2 persons. Each suite and bedroom comes with a private bathroom for added convenience. The bedrooms are equipped with TVs, allowing guests to enjoy their favorite shows or movies in the comfort of their own space. The property also features a cozy living room, a dedicated breakfast room, and a lovely terrace with garden furniture. Guests will also appreciate the convenience of on-site parking. Furthermore, the accommodation is equipped with central heating to ensure a comfortable stay throughout the year.

Description for Gite

We offer three charming cottages nestled in a beautiful garden. One cottage accommodates up to five people, while the other two comfortably accommodate four. Each cottage is fully equipped with all your essential needs. Inside, you will find two cozy bedrooms, a bathroom, a separate WC, a welcoming lounge area, and a well-equipped kitchen. Outside, you can relax on the terrace, enjoy a delicious barbecue, or unwind with the garden furniture. Convenient parking is available on the property.


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To travel from St Brieuc, take the RN12 towards Brest and then exit onto D6 towards LANVOLLON / PAIMPOL. Upon reaching the entrance of PAIMPOL, navigate the roundabout and continue towards the city center. Pass two roundabouts (one near Citroen garage) until you reach Beauport Abbey. When you reach the village of Kérity, take a left turn at the church and then take the first right turn after the town hall / post office. You have now arrived at your destination. Look for number 27 on the right side.



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1 80 86 OUI
Holiday Home 3 370 630 NON


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  • Abbaye de Beauport: Located just 3.5 kilometers from Kérity, Abbaye de Beauport is a historic abbey founded in the 13th century. It features beautiful gardens, ruins, and a museum showcasing the abbey's history.
  • Paimpol Harbor: Situated in Paimpol, this charming harbor is a popular spot for local fishermen and visitors alike. Enjoy a stroll along the waterfront, admire the colorful fishing boats, and savor fresh seafood in the nearby restaurants.
  • Île de Bréhat: Also known as the "Island of Flowers," Île de Bréhat is a small archipelago located off the coast of Paimpol. Explore the picturesque landscapes, stunning beaches, and visit the quaint village with its unique pink granite houses.
  • La Roche-Jagu Castle: Situated about 8 kilometers from Kérity, La Roche-Jagu Castle is a magnificent fortress dating back to the 15th century. Discover its stunning architecture, explore the surrounding gardens, and enjoy panoramic views of the Trieux River.
  • Ploumanac'h: Located approximately 40 kilometers from Kérity, Ploumanac'h is a breathtaking coastal village known for its pink granite rock formations. Take a leisurely walk along the Sentier des Douaniers (Customs Officer's Path) and soak in the stunning views of the coastline.
  • Château de la Roche Goyon: Situated in the nearby town of Matignon, this medieval castle offers a glimpse into the region's rich history. Explore its well-preserved towers, courtyards, and gardens while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Cap Fréhel: Located about 40 kilometers from Kérity, Cap Fréhel is a dramatic headland known for its stunning cliffs and lighthouse. Take a scenic hike along the coastal trails, marvel at the bird colonies, and enjoy the sweeping views of the English Channel.
  • Plage de la Tossen: This beautiful sandy beach is situated in Loguivy-de-la-Mer, a short distance from Kérity. Relax on the shoreline, take a refreshing swim, or enjoy a picnic while admiring the picturesque coastal scenery.
  • Musée de la Mer: Located in Paimpol, this maritime museum offers a fascinating insight into the rich seafaring history of the region. Discover exhibits showcasing ship models, navigation tools, and learn about the local fishing traditions. 10. Sillon de Talbert: Situated approximately 25 kilometers from Kérity, Sillon de Talbert is a unique and narrow sandy peninsula stretching out into the sea. Take a walk along this natural formation, observe the diverse birdlife, and enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding nature.

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