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Mickael Tanguy


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Description for Gite

This house offers a spacious ground floor with a large living room, including a kitchen, living area, bathroom with shower, toilet, and a small laundry room. Upstairs, there are two bedrooms. One bedroom has a double bed, while the other bedroom has two single beds and one double bed (with an additional sofa bed if needed).

The house is equipped with a variety of utensils and dishes, as well as a coffee maker, microwave oven, conventional oven, toaster, electric kettle, food processor, washing machine, and a 70 cm TV. The heating system is aerothermal.

Outside, there is a courtyard, lawn, garden table, chairs, and a sun lounger.

This rental is available throughout the year, with options for monthly, weekly, or weekend stays (reservation is required).

The rates vary based on the time of year. From October to April, the weekly rate is 200. In September, May, and June, the weekly rate is 270. During July and August, the weekly rate is 340. For weekend stays, the rates range from 120 to 180 depending on the period.


Appréciations pour Chaleureux GÎte De Campagne Entre "terre Et Mer", Scrignac:

Excellent séjour
Review by: Lefort Annick, Nov 1 2015 1:12PM
Entre amis dans ce gîte du 24 au 31 octobre 2015. Très joli et bien aménagé. Propriétaire accueillant. Nous le recommandons.

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Holiday Home 6 70 90 200 400


Animals Allowed


  • Huelgoat Forest: Located approximately 12 kilometers from Kergreach, Huelgoat Forest is a picturesque woodland famous for its large granite rocks, scenic trails, and the mystical "Chaos de Rochers" (Rock Chaos) formation. Visitors can enjoy hiking, picnicking, and exploring the enchanting landscape.
  • Monts d'Arrée: Situated about 20 kilometers southwest of Kergreach, Monts d'Arrée is a stunning mountain range and natural park. It offers breathtaking views, diverse flora and fauna, and numerous hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts. The highest peak, Roc'h Ruz, provides an excellent vantage point to admire the surrounding landscape.
  • Commana Parish Enclosure: Located around 10 kilometers from Kergreach, the Commana Parish Enclosure is a historical and architectural gem. This well-preserved religious complex features a church, a calvary, an ossuary, and a triumphal arch. Visitors can explore the beautiful grounds and marvel at the intricate stone carvings.
  • Morlaix: Situated approximately 25 kilometers north of Kergreach, Morlaix is a charming medieval town renowned for its half-timbered houses and the majestic Viaduct of Morlaix. Visitors can wander through the narrow cobbled streets of the old town, visit the 16th-century Saint-Melaine Church, and enjoy panoramic views from the viaduct.
  • Château de Trévarez: Located about 40 kilometers southwest of Kergreach, Château de Trévarez is a magnificent castle surrounded by beautiful gardens and parkland. This neo-Gothic masterpiece, once owned by a wealthy industrialist, now houses a museum showcasing art exhibitions. Visitors can explore the castle's opulent interiors and stroll through the picturesque gardens.
  • Quimper: Situated approximately 60 kilometers southwest of Kergreach, Quimper is a historic city famous for its medieval center and stunning cathedral. Visitors can wander through the charming streets lined with half-timbered houses, visit the Gothic-style Quimper Cathedral, and explore the fine art collections at the Musée des Beaux-Arts.
  • Locronan: Located about 65 kilometers southwest of Kergreach, Locronan is a well-preserved medieval village that has retained its authentic character. With its cobblestone streets, picturesque squares, and beautifully preserved buildings, Locronan offers a step back in time. Visitors can explore the village, visit the Saint-Ronan Church, and browse local artisan shops.
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