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Robert Tewsley
Lieu Dit Mathias


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Château Mathias, an exquisite manor house built in the 19th century, is situated just on the outskirts of Virazeil village, a short 50-minute drive from Bordeaux. Its prime location places it between the historical towns of Saint Emilion and Bergerac, with Bordeaux-Mérignac airport only an hour away and the charming Dordogne just half an hour's drive. Notably, the renowned vineyards of the Bordeaux wine region are easily accessible from the château.

Perched atop the Marmande hills, Château Mathias boasts a breathtaking view of the Garonne valley. The property encompasses 1.5 hectares (3.5 acres) of meticulously landscaped grounds, adorned with majestic old-growth trees and a picturesque French-style garden.

For those seeking a tranquil and rejuvenating escape, Château Mathias is the ideal destination. Unwind from the demands of everyday life amidst the beauty, calmness, and serenity that envelops the estate, providing a truly revitalizing experience.

Robert and Thomas, the gracious hosts, extend a warm welcome in English, French, Italian, or German. Each of the three luxurious rooms on the first floor offers a distinct style and ambiance, ensuring a unique and indulgent stay. With a focus on comfort, the accommodation provides ultra-soft bedding and a serene environment, ensuring a restful night's sleep.


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Swimming Pool


  • Château de Duras: Located in the nearby town of Duras, the Château de Duras is a magnificent medieval castle that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Visitors can explore the well-preserved fortifications, stroll through the picturesque gardens, and learn about the castle's fascinating history.
  • Canal de Garonne: This scenic canal runs through Virazeil and provides a perfect setting for leisurely walks or bike rides along its towpath. Visitors can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, admire the charming locks and bridges, and even rent a boat to explore the waterway.
  • La Maison des Gens de Garonne: Situated in Marmande, a short drive from Virazeil, this cultural center offers insights into the history, heritage, and traditions of the Garonne region. The museum showcases exhibitions on local crafts, agriculture, and river navigation, allowing visitors to delve into the area's rich cultural heritage.
  • Église Saint-Pierre de Castelmoron-sur-Lot: Located in the village of Castelmoron-sur-Lot, this beautiful Romanesque church is a must-visit for architecture enthusiasts. Its impressive stone facade, intricate carvings, and stunning stained glass windows make it a captivating sight.
  • Parc de la Filhole: Situated on the banks of the Garonne River in Marmande, this park offers a serene retreat for nature lovers. With vast green spaces, walking paths, picnic areas, and a lake, it's an ideal spot for outdoor activities, family outings, or simply relaxing amidst nature's beauty.
  • Musée de la Préhistoire: Found in Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil, a slightly further drive from Virazeil, this museum is dedicated to prehistoric archaeology. Visitors can explore fascinating exhibitions that showcase the region's rich prehistoric heritage, including ancient tools, cave paintings, and artifacts.
  • Château de Bridoire: Located in Ribagnac, this medieval castle has been beautifully restored and offers an immersive experience for history enthusiasts. Visitors can participate in medieval games, try their hand at archery, and explore the castle's interior, including its impressive great hall and dungeon.
  • Les Jardins de Sardy: Situated in Fongrave, this lovely garden is a hidden gem worth discovering. With its well-manicured lawns, vibrant flower beds, and tranquil ambiance, it provides a perfect escape to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. These attractions offer a variety of experiences, from exploring historical landmarks to enjoying outdoor spaces and immersing yourself in local culture, ensuring there is something for everyone near Lieu Dit Mathias in Virazeil, France.