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John Perry
43 Rue des Quarts, Lieu dit Gaillard


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Kerry and John extend a warm invitation to their beautifully refurbished farmhouse in the picturesque Dordogne region. Situated along a tranquil country road, their home is conveniently nestled within the renowned bike path that commences near Moulin Neuf and stretches all the way to Perigueux.

Guests can choose from three charming rooms: a cozy double room, a comfortable single room, or a spacious double room with the option of an additional bed if required (please inform us beforehand). A delightful breakfast is included with your stay, and for those seeking a delectable dinner experience, it is available at an extra charge.


Appréciations pour 43 Rue des Quarts, Menesplet:

Très chaleureux
Review by: Le Bihan, Fev 18 2019 7:13PM
A recommander vivement super accueil très belles prestations literie très confortable

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Notes: Two double bedrooms, and one with two single beds. One of the double rooms can sleep a third person by prior arrangement (+25)
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