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1 Place De La Poste


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We have transformed our charming old station hotel into a refined and cozy guesthouse, offering four elegant and cozy rooms on the first floor. Start your day with a delicious breakfast or enjoy a delightful evening meal at our welcoming bar, which has gained a reputation for its exceptional cuisine. Situated in the heart of the picturesque countryside of Brittany, our location is perfect for those seeking to explore the region. All major ports and regional airports can be reached within a convenient 90-minute drive. Whether you prefer the breathtaking coastal views or the serene tranquility of the countryside, our guesthouse is surrounded by stunning scenery. Guests can also enjoy the nearby outdoor pool, as well as the Nantes/Brest Canal and Lake Guerledan, which offer opportunities for cycling, walking, and participating in Celtic festivals. Additionally, there are plenty of delightful local restaurants to indulge in. Families with children are more than welcome, and we offer discounted rates for longer stays.


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  • Château de Quintin: Located in Quintin, just a short distance from Plounevez-quintin, this medieval castle is a must-visit attraction. Explore its well-preserved architecture, including towers, moats, and gardens, and learn about its rich history through exhibitions and guided tours.
  • Abbaye de Bon Repos: Situated in Saint-Gelven, around 10 kilometers from Plounevez-quintin, Abbaye de Bon Repos is a former Cistercian abbey founded in the 12th century. Discover the stunning ruins, stroll through the picturesque gardens, and visit the museum that showcases the abbey's history and local arts.
  • Val de Landrouet: This leisure park, located in Merdrignac, approximately 25 kilometers from Plounevez-quintin, offers a range of outdoor activities for all ages. Enjoy water sports, go-karting, hiking, mini-golf, and more. The park also hosts various events and festivals throughout the year.
  • Lac de Guerlédan: Located in the heart of Brittany, this large artificial lake is a popular spot for water-based activities and leisure. Enjoy swimming, kayaking, canoeing, or simply relax on the sandy beaches. The surrounding area also offers several walking trails and viewpoints with breathtaking panoramas.
  • Quintin Market: Every Monday morning, the town of Quintin comes alive with its vibrant market. Stroll through the stalls filled with fresh local produce, regional specialties, handicrafts, and more. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and indulge in the flavors of Brittany.
  • Josselin Castle: Situated in Josselin, around 50 kilometers from Plounevez-quintin, this majestic castle dominates the town's skyline. Explore its impressive architecture, including imposing towers and a beautiful moat. Inside, discover a remarkable collection of art and furniture, as well as stunning views from the castle's terrace.
  • Les Chaos du Gouët: Located near Saint-Julien, less than 20 kilometers from Plounevez-quintin, Les Chaos du Gouët is a remarkable natural site. Marvel at the granite rock formations sculpted by the river, creating an awe-inspiring landscape. Enjoy a peaceful walk along the riverbanks and take in the beauty of this unique geological phenomenon.
  • Quintin's Historic Center: Take a leisurely stroll through Quintin's historic center and admire its well-preserved half-timbered houses, narrow streets, and charming squares. Discover the town's rich heritage, including the Church of Saint-Brieuc, the Chapelle des Ursulines, and the Maison de la Tourelle, a medieval tower house turned museum. These attractions offer a diverse range of experiences, allowing you to immerse yourself in the history, nature, and culture of the Plounevez-quintin region and its surroundings.