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Chemin de Narbonne - hameau de la fontaine d'aragon


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This recently renovated old sheepfold is a truly enchanting stone house.


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'From Grasse to Fayence'



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  • Lac de Saint-Cassien: Located just a short distance from Montauroux, Lac de Saint-Cassien is a beautiful lake surrounded by picturesque landscapes. It is a popular spot for fishing, swimming, boating, and picnicking, offering various water activities for visitors to enjoy.
  • Gorges du Verdon: Situated approximately 60 kilometers northeast of Montauroux, the Gorges du Verdon is a breathtaking natural wonder. Known as the "Grand Canyon of Europe," it offers stunning views of turquoise waters, towering cliffs, and lush greenery. Visitors can explore the area by hiking, kayaking, or driving along the scenic roads.
  • Saint Tropez: Located about 40 kilometers south of Montauroux, Saint Tropez is a glamorous coastal town renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and vibrant atmosphere. It offers beautiful sandy beaches, a charming old town with narrow streets and colorful buildings, upscale boutiques, and a bustling harbor filled with luxurious yachts.
  • Cannes: Positioned approximately 30 kilometers southwest of Montauroux, Cannes is famous for its international film festival and glamorous reputation. Visitors can stroll along the famous Promenade de la Croisette, explore the old town of Le Suquet, visit the Film Festival Palace, and relax on the sandy beaches.
  • Grasse: Situated around 20 kilometers northwest of Montauroux, Grasse is known as the perfume capital of the world. It offers numerous perfume factories and museums where visitors can learn about the perfume-making process. Additionally, the town features a charming historic center, lovely gardens, and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Antibes: Positioned approximately 35 kilometers southwest of Montauroux, Antibes is a charming coastal town with a rich history and a vibrant modern atmosphere. It is home to a beautiful old town, a picturesque marina, stunning beaches, and the famous Picasso Museum, which showcases the works of the renowned artist.
  • Nice: Located about 55 kilometers southwest of Montauroux, Nice is the capital of the French Riviera and offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, culture, and history. The city boasts a stunning waterfront promenade, vibrant street markets, a charming old town, world-class art museums, and beautiful pebble beaches. These tourist attractions near Montauroux provide a diverse range of experiences, including natural wonders, coastal towns, historic sites, and cultural hotspots, ensuring visitors have plenty to explore and enjoy during their visit to the region.