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Nathalie Brender
2 Rue Jules Ferry


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Nathalie and Christian warmly invite you to their charming detached house, where you will find two lovely air-conditioned bedrooms on the upper floor. The Anis Room offers a comfortable queen-sized bed (1.60m) for two, along with a private bathroom equipped with a sink, shower, and toilet. Similarly, the Mauve Room also features a cozy queen-sized bed (1.60m), as well as a private bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet.

On the ground floor, you will have access to shared spaces with the owners, including a delightful breakfast room, a cozy lounge area, a library, a pergola, and a beautiful garden. Additionally, there is private parking available within a secure courtyard, as well as a swimming pool (with limited access). Please note that all rooms are non-smoking.

For longer stays, starting from the 3rd night, we offer discounted rates. Moreover, for the Anis and Mauve rooms, there is a minimum rental requirement of 2 nights for long weekends, holiday periods, and weekends in December.

We look forward to welcoming you and ensuring your stay is a delightful one!


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Swimming Pool


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