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Paloma Morel
168 Route de Gratens


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Welcome to Soubiran at Paloma and Alain, located just a short 30-minute drive from Toulouse. Nestled within an old toulousain farm that has been beautifully renovated, this tranquil retreat offers a peaceful stay. With Toulouse to the north and the breathtaking Pyrenees to the south, you can unwind in the refreshing garden and even enjoy a refreshing swim in the inviting pool. The spacious garden is adorned with lovely flowers and is securely fenced for your privacy. Here, you will discover a sense of calm, rejuvenation, and the opportunity to savor locally sourced and naturally prepared cuisine at their delightful table.


Appréciations pour Le Soubiran, Bérat:

Très chouette
Review by: Bernard Marie-Françoise, Juin 29 2019 9:36AM
Réelle pause détente dans un cadre idéalement calme et grâce à l'accueil attentionné de la propriétaire qui nous a régalées de ses talents culinaires
Chambre très confortable
Avis très favorable pour le Soubiran
Review by: nathalie, Mar 22 2016 4:12PM
Un accueil très agréable avec un excellent petit dîner. Des chambre très accueillantes avec un cabinet de toilette individuel. Le petit déjeuner est copieux et servi à l'heure choisie. Propriétaires fort sympathiques.
Accueil très chaleureux
Review by: BAUER, Juil 14 2014 9:37PM
Nous avons été très bien accueillis malgré un important retard.La chambre est bien équipée.N

Nous avons apprécié le repas et l'ambiance du petit déjeuner,.Evelyne et JP

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Swimming Pool


  • Château de Laréole: Located approximately 10 kilometers north of Bérat, this beautiful Renaissance castle offers visitors a glimpse into French history. The well-preserved architecture, stunning gardens, and art exhibitions make it a popular tourist attraction.
  • Basilique Saint-Just de Valcabrère: Situated around 15 kilometers southeast of Bérat, this Romanesque-style basilica dates back to the 11th century. Visitors can admire its intricate sculptures, ancient frescoes, and serene atmosphere.
  • Abbaye de Boulbonne: Located about 20 kilometers southwest of Bérat, this former Cistercian abbey is now a peaceful retreat surrounded by lush greenery. Visitors can explore the ruins, learn about its history, and enjoy the tranquil ambience.
  • Le Moulin de Nartaud: Situated approximately 7 kilometers west of Bérat, this charming windmill offers a glimpse into traditional milling techniques. Visitors can learn about the history of the mill, witness the grinding process, and purchase freshly ground flour.
  • Musée du Miel: Located around 25 kilometers northeast of Bérat, this unique museum is dedicated to the world of honey. Visitors can learn about beekeeping, taste different types of honey, and discover the importance of bees in the ecosystem.
  • Château de Caumont: Situated approximately 30 kilometers southeast of Bérat, this impressive castle stands atop a hill and offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Visitors can explore its grand halls, beautiful gardens, and learn about the castle's rich history.
  • Lac de Saint-Thomas: Located around 40 kilometers southwest of Bérat, this picturesque lake offers a tranquil setting for outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, or simply relax on the lake's shores surrounded by nature.
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Toulouse: Situated about 40 kilometers north of Bérat in the city of Toulouse, this art museum houses an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. Visitors can admire works by renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Monet, and Picasso.
  • Cité de l'Espace: Located approximately 45 kilometers north of Bérat in Toulouse, this unique space museum offers an interactive experience for both children and adults. Visitors can learn about space exploration, admire real spacecraft, and even experience simulated space missions. 10. Canal du Midi: Situated around 50 kilometers east of Bérat, this historic canal is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a popular tourist destination. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely boat ride, take a scenic walk or bike ride along the canal's towpaths, and marvel at the engineering marvels of this 17th-century waterway.

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