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We offer a cozy accommodation with three spacious bedrooms, each equipped with its own private bathroom and toilet. Additionally, we provide helpful guides and informative documentations to enhance your stay. For your convenience, bicycles are available for exploration and a barbecue is at your disposal for delightful outdoor meals. Indulge in a scrumptious regional breakfast featuring an abundant selection of homemade jams and crepes.


Appréciations pour Puchois, Lampaul-Guimiliau:

Séjour formidable
Review by: Jean-Bernard FORFERT, Juil 21 2018 4:41PM
Nous avons eu le plaisir dêtre accueilli chez Odile à Lampaul . Nous retenons une prestation hors pair , une hôtesse attentionnée mettant tout en uvre pour satisfaire ses hôtes de passage avec simplicité et gentillesse. En plus de tout cela, ses confitures maison valent le détour ! Allez chez Odile , vous ne serez pas déçus !
Chambres d'hôtes Mme Puchois
Review by: Grelier, Mai 27 2018 8:53AM
Accueil chaleureux, chambres impeccables, petit déjeuner royal, à recommander vivement
Une hospitalité hors du commun
Review by: BIVAUD, Sep 14 2016 11:19AM
L'intérieur de la maison est superbement agencé.
Les chambres sont neuves, très belles et comportent toutes une salle de bains.
La décoration est simplement adorable.

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To reach your destination, take the NATIONALE 12 highway and take the LANDIVISIAU-EST exit. Then, follow the signs for Lampaul-Guimiliau and look for the indications that say "chambres d'hôtes" at the entrance of the village.



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  • Lampaul-Guimiliau Parish Close: Located in the heart of Lampaul-Guimiliau, this historic site is home to a stunning 16th-century church and an ornate calvary. Visitors can explore the intricate carvings and architecture, making it a must-visit for history and art enthusiasts.
  • Château de Kerjean: Situated in Saint-Vougay, just a short drive from Lampaul-Guimiliau, this beautifully preserved Renaissance castle is a sight to behold. With its grand architecture, exquisite gardens, and fascinating exhibitions, the Château de Kerjean offers a glimpse into the region's noble past.
  • Enclos Paroissial de Saint-Thégonnec: Located in Saint-Thégonnec, a nearby town, this religious enclosure showcases a magnificent church, a calvary, and an ossuary. The intricate sculptures and detailed architecture make it a captivating attraction for visitors interested in religious history and art.
  • Morlaix: Approximately 15 kilometers from Lampaul-Guimiliau, Morlaix is a charming town with a picturesque harbor and a rich maritime heritage. Explore its cobbled streets, half-timbered houses, and visit the Viaduct, a towering railway bridge that offers stunning panoramic views.
  • Cairn de Barnenez: Situated on the Bay of Morlaix, the Cairn de Barnenez is one of the oldest megalithic monuments in Europe. This Neolithic burial mound features impressive stone structures and offers breathtaking views of the bay, making it a fascinating destination for history lovers and nature enthusiasts.
  • Huelgoat Forest: Located about 40 kilometers southeast of Lampaul-Guimiliau, Huelgoat Forest is a mystical woodland known for its ancient rock formations, including the famous Trembling Rock and the Devil's Cave. Visitors can enjoy scenic walks, discover hidden waterfalls, and immerse themselves in the enchanting atmosphere of the forest.
  • Brest: Situated approximately 35 kilometers west of Lampaul-Guimiliau, Brest is a bustling coastal city renowned for its maritime history and vibrant culture. Explore the National Maritime Museum, stroll along the waterfront, and visit the famous Brest Castle for a comprehensive experience of the city.
  • Oceanopolis: Located in Brest, Oceanopolis is a remarkable ocean discovery park that offers a unique opportunity to explore the marine ecosystems of the world. With its various aquariums and educational exhibits, visitors can learn about marine life and conservation efforts while enjoying a fun-filled day. These attractions offer a diverse range of experiences, from exploring historical sites and natural wonders to immersing oneself in the local culture and maritime heritage of the region.

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