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Domnique Dumas
53 Rue De La Grande Vergne


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price from €80


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Room 1: This room is 25m2 in size and features a private shower room and toilet. It is equipped with two double beds measuring 140x190 each.

Bedroom 2: With an area of 22m2, this room also has its own private shower room and toilet. It is furnished with a double bed measuring 160x200 and another double bed measuring 140x190.

Bedroom 3 (children): This room spans 20m2 and includes a private shower and toilet. It contains four single beds measuring 90x190, accommodating a total of four individuals.

Bedroom 4: Covering an area of 15m2, this room offers a comfortable space for relaxation.


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The location can be found near the Cadeuil roundabout (Le Gua- Sainte Gemme). It is listed as "Fromigere Sud" in Sainte Gemme, 17250.



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4 80 110 800 1300 10 10


Swimming Pool
Animals Allowed


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