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Yang Chen
1 Rue De Bischwiller


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Aux Deux Cigognes offers various accommodation options to suit different preferences. Our fully equipped 70m2 apartment features two bedrooms and a private living room, providing ample space and comfort. Alternatively, we have two private rooms, each with their own en-suite facilities.

All of our interiors have been tastefully renovated, ensuring a modern and comfortable environment for our guests. Our rooms are spacious, furnished with stylish and comfortable amenities.

At Aux Deux Cigognes, we take pride in our "Hosts table" service, led by Chef Riedinger. His commitment to excellence and dedication to using local and sustainable ingredients are the foundations of our culinary experience. Rest assured, the quality of our dishes is of the highest standard.


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To reach our destination from Strasbourg, simply drive along the A4 highway. The Kurtzenhouse train station is conveniently located just 1km away from our location.



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Notes: Suitable for couples and professional staying
Notes: Very big room of 45m2 with great view.
Notes: Perfect for family staying, maximum 8 pers.


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